Keynote ‘Technical and Human Resilience by Design’ by Tikvah Breimer (MSc MEd MSc), in the Conference on the Future of Europe, Feb 25, 2022.

A tribute to the Italian/Brazilian architect Lina Bo Bardi’s glass house, Casa Atibaia, Sao Paulo Brazil
Photo: Ni.acki/Nicholas Préaud

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Human resilience, takes the human perspective of you, as a teacher - by design.

We see technical and human resilience as two sides of the same coin. One cannot do without the other. Technique is key to effective teaching. And, you can actually use technique to design a curriculum that is suitable for the human pace, in step with yourself and others. You can design for true enjoyment of your own teaching.

If you want a brief introduction, to what we mean with technical and human resilience, listen to this keynote by Tikvah Breimer, teacher trainer of the resilience course, senior consultant.

Many university lecturers, are actually researchers – and teaching is a side-obligation. Often times, they never actually had any teacher training, which means they are simply trying to deliver education but lack the technical skills that would make life easier on them. See also our participatory action research (PAR) report.

Senior experts sometimes wish to go into teaching, but do not have the training yet to know how to approach their expertise from the angle of learning. Typically, they spend too many hours on developing and delivering a course.

Over the past decade we have seen, personally experienced and watched other lecturers and trainers and the way the health of our bodies, our mental balance and even our personal lives, are affected by the work we do. This is surely not sustainable either in terms of the suffering caused or the retention of good teachers.

And so, whilst you are there especially for your students/professionals – we are there especially for you, to equip you to design with your own resilience as a teacher in mind.

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We are here especially for you as unique educational professional, to come alongside you as you work on the curriculum design of your module, course, training or degree, so that you can offer good and resilient education in the long run.

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