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What we’re here for: good and resilient (climate / urban) education that makes sense from a longer time-horizon, and leads to simplicity.

We all want to offer good education. But we also need to be resilient, and make sense, when considered from a longer time-horizon.

StudioBlended approaches curricula – in the word of our clients - in a fresh, innovative, strategic – instead of ad hoc - and sustainable way.

Curriculum in its Latin origin, literally means, the course to be run, the learning journey to be taken, for a learner.

Are you about to (re)design a (climate / urban) curriculum, for a module, a course, or even a degree?

Do you recognise any of these design challenges? - Financial health and resilience
- Designing for change / transition
- Technical resilience up to a decade
- Human resiliencefor you and your teacher/training team
- Greenful and simple design when it comes to technology
- Interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary design
- Innovative and deep pedagogy
- The nature you envision, and the aspirations you have
- Neuroscience
- Modular design
- Face to face
- Online?
- Decluttering your curriculum and staying organic, up to date with your field.

Read more on how we work on these design challenges here.

Allow us to come alongside you, and partner with you, to take time and frustration out of your hands, and ensure good and resilient (climate / urban) curriculum.

We work with clients including higher educational institutions, government, think tanks, corporations, foundations, and (at times) civil society and non governmental organisations.

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Listen to our latest audio podcast episode of the open access ‘How to design a resilient curriculum

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We let clients speak for us, have a look at our gallery of work, or at teacher’s testimonials across our training pages.

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We are here especially for you as unique professional, to come alongside you and partner with you, as you work on a (climate / urban) curriculum, so that you can offer good and resilient education in all simplicity.

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