At StudioBlended we see a continuum between capacity development of university teachers, and of trainers of professionals. Deep understanding (deep learning) is also demonstrated by the ability to transfer knowledge to new situations (applying it to reality). Making science actionable, and infusing practice with research. You see these cross-linkeages reflected in all our approaches. Relevant cross-overs are possible with companies when it comes to really good pedagogical design, and we are open to think with you - tell us what you need.

Photo: Guido Guidi. Etna. Sicily, Italy. From an exhibition at the photography Museum Huis Marseille Amsterdam 2014. Amidst polycrisis and permacrisis, it is possible to anticipate.

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We offer bespoke advice to:
1) coordinators of capacity development trainings
2) academic coordinators
3) companies that focus on climate and ecology matters
4) leaders who want to embark on a trajectory of change 


Did you even realise, that with the world opening up after lockdowns you must completely re-design all your existing (shelf) in-country and remote capacity development trainings for professionals? 

If you’re embarking on new capacity development opportunities, ‘blended’ is not optional, but actually what effective, good education looks like.

Did you also realise this reality is in fact a great opportunity to look at your trainings and make them healthier in terms of the golden triangle of cost, time and quality? There is a whole spectrum of opportunities opening up for you.

Read more here on how our advice may bring your capacity development training to a new level.


As the world opens up, we find ourselves in a liminal space, and university teaching finds itself in a transition. What will the outcomes be? What is good education going to look like? How could you be smarter, and go about your output design in a modular way so that you better capitalise on your quality, time and cost investment over time?

Your nature, (interdisciplinary/transdisciplinary) content and setting are unique. That’s why we always completely tailor our advice to you.

Read more here on how we can come alongside you in a bespoke advice assignment.


If there is one thing Artificial Intelligence (AI) cannot do for you in an online course, nor just any expert advisor in a face to face one - it is designing deep pedagogy into your envisioned training or event. 

We mainly focus on technical and interdisciplinary/transdisciplinary themes around climate, permacrisis, biodiversity, sustainability.

We partner with you to advise on the design (and development) of a curriculum and best modality (i.e. face to face, blended, facilitated).

This is a highly bespoke assignment and as such very dependent on the nature of the company and your needs and own ideas. Feel free to contact us. Bear in mind that we are a non profit foundation, and as such only take up assignments that focus on ensuring good and resilient education/training in the broadest sense of the word. For example, we work a lot on topics around climate change and adaptability.

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Text follows. Might be companies on one hand of the spectrum, and universities on the other.

Our trajectory of change comes at punctual moments to give training and advice, and accompanies a team towards a desired outcome. For example, gaining deep understanding of blended (re)design.

We don’t engage in the implementation of trajectories of strategic change, as we like to stay agile and light and work with seasonal endings of projects. We do offer advice on the design of such trajectories, for the purpose of better understanding how to design a strategic curriculum.

We are here especially for you as unique educational professional, to come alongside you as you work on the curriculum design of your module, course, training or degree, so that you can offer good and resilient educationin all simplicity.

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