Non profit
StudioBlended is about the optimal blend between live and remote education/capacity development in a post lockdown world. And seeing 'live' with new eyes.

Our mission is to develop the capacity of teachers in resilience - both of the material they design, and also - fundamentally - their own resilience as a human capability in life and on the job.

We believe that this will greatly enhance the health and wellbeing of teaching staff, reduce risks of burn outs, enhance retention of technically highly qualified staff, and allow lecturers and trainers to enjoy a life long path of growing and teaching.

StudioBlended is a foundation based in Europe, with an international reach, mainly to Southern Europe and Latin America.

Being a foundation means, that all our income flows back into the foundation. In that way, StudioBlended becomes more attractive also to public universities. More legal / financial information follows soon. We receive independent external consultancy for our legal, financial and client base.

StudioBlended 2021