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We are here especially for you. Keep asking: does it make sense? #StudioBlended Simplicity and Resilience up to a decade. This is your day, in your life - enjoy it all.

Resilience courseTeacher training course in design. The second curated group of participants started, this time made up of senior urban planners from across Latin America - Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador - and Europe (European summer 2021). For more background on the course see here.

A tribute to the Italian/Brazilian architect Lina Bo Bardi’s glass house, Casa Atibaia, Sao Paulo Brazil
Photo: Ni.acki/Nicholas Préaud 

PublicationsNew: ‘Envisioning blended higher education
in post lockdown Europe; reflections on experience, needs and risks through a pedagogical lens.‘
(Breimer Browne Slob 2021)
Future of Europe Conference paper.
Available open-source here - including a link to the Conference event.


Advice to UN - Habitat
on the first pilot with a blended approach. In-country capacity development training at a ministry of urbanism in DRC. European spring/summer 2021. Follow-up: a joint paper.

Photo: Medellin, Breimer 2020.


Tikvah Breimer
(MSc MEd MSc)
Senior Consultant and Teacher Trainer
Lead StudioBlended

The Netherlands
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Europe / 
Latin America
Jane Longley (MA)
English editor, translator, educator
Rural community development training consultant

Nicaragua / UK

weekdays (CST)

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Latin America

Lucas Rampazzo (MA)
Graphic Designer
Art Education consultant



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