We are here especially for you as unique professional, to come alongside you and partner with you, as you work on a (climate / urban / architecture) curriculum, so that you can offer effective and resilient education in all simplicity.

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What we’re here for: effective and resilient (climate / urban / architecture) education that leads to simplicity.

Curriculum is the course to be run, the journey to be taken to a destination by your learners.

Even so, our focus is on you, as unique professional, who coordinates a course, training, degree.

Our Studio, focuses on curricula, because they are the fundament, the ground for effective and resilient education - by design. A conscious choice for a structural angle.

StudioBlended approaches curricula – in the word of our clients - in a fresh, innovative, strategic – instead of ad hoc - and sustainable way.

We bridge silos between your (urban, climate, architecture) content and its pedagogy, and the body of knowledge and practice of effective curriculum design. 

We nevertheless never tell you what to teach. It is just that... you don't start from scratch with us. We get the field where you are coming from, and keep an active interest in the field of climate, urbanism and architecture.

We look at what makes sense from a longer time-horizon, to ensure the resilience of your curriculum design in all simplicity. We call that technical resilience.

Simplicity to us is equally about true enjoyment, of the curriculum design. Enjoyment without the anxiety and stress we see so often or live ourselves, when we design, develop or deliver courses, trainings or degrees. We call that human resilience.

We only work highly bespoke.

We are a European based, non profit foundation.


Our two essential services are bespoke advice and tailor-made teacher training. 


We offer bespoke advice to a spectrum of clients, ranging from individual course or degree coordinators at university, to capacity building training coordinators, and ranging from educational coordinators at governments to training coordinators at companies.

Find our advice options here.


We offer teacher training options, with an effective learning curve.

We also offer open access teacher training via our Audio Podcast ‘How to design a resilient curriculum’. An excellent way to get a feel, with our Studio’s expertise and approach, and inspire you about all that’s possible to make your curriculum effective and resilient.

Find our training options here.


Our publications are open access. Our events are our playground to experiment and innovate.

Update on where you can find us:

We are currently preparing for the release of our next audio podcast episode.

Find our summer update on the syllabus here.

Curious? Have a look around, and feel free to give us a direct call or Email us, for any question or problem you may have.

What clients say about us ︎

Europe / Lead
Tikvah Breimer
(MSc MEd MSc)
Independent senior advisor and Teacher Trainer
Founder and Lead StudioBlended

The Netherlands
+31 6 42 47 29 69

Mornings -
10.00 - 14.00am (CEST)

upon appointment

Evenings and
Weekend off radar
Lucas Rampazzo (MA)
Graphic Designer
Art Education consultant

Pyramid Learning
John Cropper
Senior advisor program management, and distance learning (design to implementation)

UK / Nicaragua
Jane Longley (MA)
English editor, translator,
Online instructions advisor

Italy / Spain / NL
Paolo Destilo
Audio Producation, Podcast, Video

Italy /
New York City
Veronica Olivotto
(PhD candidate)
Academic advisor,
Expert climate change adaptation

The Netherlands
Thomas Pal
Financial Specialist,
Project Controller

StudioBlended Foundation 2023

Curious, and would you like to know more?
+31 6 42 47 29 69

Non profit Foundation

Registration Chamber of Commerce
KvK-number 86242598 (Dutch)

VAT identification number
NL 86 39 07 29 5 B01


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