We are here especially for you as unique professional, to come alongside you and partner with you, as you work on a (climate / urban) curriculum, so that you can offer good and resilient education in all simplicity.

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What we’re here for: good and resilient (climate / urban) education that makes sense from a longer time-horizon, and leads to simplicity.

We all want to offer good education. But we also need to be resilient, and make sense, when considered from a longer time-horizon. And how about true enjoyment, of the actual teaching that results from the design for it? One without the anxiety and stress we see so often or live ourselves, when we deliver courses, trainings or degrees.

StudioBlended approaches curricula – in the word of our clients - in a fresh, innovative, strategic – instead of ad hoc - and sustainable way.

StudioBlended is an interdisciplinary (transdisciplinary) collective of talented experts and artists. Together, we work under a Not-for-Profit Foundation with the goal of re-envisioning education and teaching/training with resilience and simplicity.

We aim to combine our skills in agile teams to meet client needs effectively and fulfil our belief that an interdisciplinary approach is both more successful and efficient.

We are well versed with the technical and interdisciplinary field of climate and urban curricula, so that you, as a client, don’t have to start from scratch with us. We only work highly bespoke.


Our two essential services are bespoke advice and teacher training. Our products are our audio podcast, and- of course -  the actual curriculum designs we create for you as a client.


We offer bespoke advice to a spectrum of clients, ranging from individual course or degree coordinators at university, to capacity development training coordinators, and companies.

Go directly to our advice options here.


We offer teacher training options, with an effective learning curve, for any of the main design challenges in curriculum design we identified. We also offer open access teacher training via our Audio Podcast ‘How to design a resilient curriculum’.

Find our training options here.

Our latest event and clientwork:

For this sustainable premium olive oil company, we took up the challenge to innovate with pedagogy, in order to achieve a deeper and lasting impact. We based our approach on our leading notion, that face to face time, has become absolute premium time for education. And obviously, the beauty of this product: healthy green gold and trees that may even be around here, for over 1000 years.

“Thank you for seeing what happens when we talk about olive trees, and besides the talking, the hosting and experiencing of what they offer us.”Sarah Steendam (MSc) , participant in the curated group for the tasting.

Read on, on our events page for more insight in our experimentations and innovations for this company with unstructured time and learning spaces, and participants’ reviews.

 Il circolo founder tells of the olive trees and fires:

”This tree burned in the devastating fires of 1998. Its trunk had a diameter of 2.5 meters. Four of its shootings have been grafted a few years after the fire and then left alone until now. We will now carefully start pruning them and hopefully they will reward us with lots of olives soon.“

Prof. dr. Stephanie Rosenkranz, Founder Il Circolo, Professor Microeconomics, Dean Utrecht University Honors College.
Photography: Il circolo Instagram

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Europe / Lead
Tikvah Breimer
(MSc MEd MSc)
Independent senior advisor and Teacher Trainer
Founder and Lead StudioBlended

The Netherlands
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Mornings -
10.00 - 14.00am (CEST)

upon appointment

Evenings and
Weekend off radar
Lucas Rampazzo (MA)
Graphic Designer
Art Education consultant

Pyramid Learning
John Cropper
Senior advisor program management, and distance learning (design to implementation)

UK / Nicaragua
Jane Longley (MA)
English editor, translator,
Online instructions advisor

Italy / Spain
Paolo Destilo
Audio Producation, Podcast, Video

Italy /
New York City
Veronica Olivotto
(PhD candidate)
Academic advisor,
Expert climate change adaptation

Thomas Pal
Financial Specialist,
Project Controller

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Curious, and would you like to know more?
+31 6 42 47 29 69

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