Bichronous Online (Asynchronous + synchronous)

“As online learning becomes a more common model for higher education courses, institutions and instructors should investigate the benefits of including both synchronous and asynchronous elements in online learning to maximize the benefits of both these environments.”

Martin, Polly, Ritzhaupt 2020. From: definition of Online education, pedagogical approaches, DigitelPro University Oberta Catalunya (UOC). Erasmus+ Program DigitelPro.

At StudioBlended we deeply believe in the new value and meaning of ‘live’ time in teaching - and if it cannot be in-person, then let it be sychronous (real-time).  

Our approach to remote teaching and learning therefore always includes synchronous teaching; we consciously do not specialise in fully self-paced remote courses.

Perhaps you saw competitive self-paced remote teacher courses for higher education elsewhere. We would like to highlight for you, that reality is that Mass Open Online Courses (MOOC), are often times not actually very effective or meaningful (see this article for instance). The synchronous teaching element is what brings in deep learning and a rhytmn, the urge to actually complete the course.

Another term for this approach, is bichronous online teaching; a thoughtful integration of synchronous (teaching) and asynchronous (self-paced learning) learning.

The online learning environment is a way to increase the effectiveness of such synchronous teaching.

Our own original resilience course, is in fact, delivered with a bichronous approach.

As a client you can expect advisory in smart quality/attention/time/cost investment. We show you where the trade-offs are in this golden triangle, including through pedagogical lens, so that we can show you options, possibilities and opportunities.

For clients who embark on capacity development trainings to professionals such as with in-country trainings; we are up and running to give spot-on consultancy or even create bichronous online learning environments for you - see our archive of clients for references.

Our expertise is always evolving and includes:
- experimentations with the new value and meaning of synchronous teaching
- audio podcasts (instead of videos) to couple synchronous teaching (see also our guide)
- new takes on how to include differentiation for learners
- clearity of instructions
- fit for purpose and rolling wave delivery
- creating a rhytmn to the week
- artistic spaces that have beauty as a language to create calm in the online environment and enhance effective learning and pleasant teaching.

Feel free to approach us with any questions you may have, so that we can see the challenges you face, and the opportunities and possibilities which exist, and what our studio can do for you.

We are here especially for you in technical / human resilience and simplicity by design. #StudioBlended Keep asking: does it make sense? This is your day, in your life - enjoy every moment.

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