Audio Podcast (How to design a resilient curriculum)

“The right questions for the right time, and relevant people around the table to answer the questions” Veronica Olivotto, Italy, PhD candidate The New School, New York.

“Brilliant initiative!“ Geoffrey Payne, International Advisor at World Bank, Architect, Senior Visiting Lecturer

“Our audio podcast fits fluidly between your working life, and the home, just like being a teacher is so intertwined with who you are, and your way of life.“ Tikvah Breimer (MSc MEd MSc), teacher trainer of the audio podcasts.

This is your chance to receive teacher training, brought to you in a way that can be fluidly integrated in your daily life, but is away from the screen since you can simply put the sound on, and listen.

With our audio podcast ‘How to design a resilient curriculum’ we focus particularly on young and medior teachers in the fields of architecture, urbanism, planning and climate - without being exclusive to others, but yes, speaking especially to the imagination of these technical fields.

Find below a brief initial list of why we sense these episodes are especially attractive for you.

What is the content? What moment?
For a dynamic overview of the content, trailer and streaming links go to our StudiOpedia page.

Knowing that your workload is always a problem - this teacher training does not take much of your precious time:

Every month you can listen to a new episode, 10-15 min., via one of your favorite streaming channels (Acast, Spotify, Apple, Soundcloud). In your own best moment.

You are also very welcome in our monthly ZOOM audio realm, which follows right after the release of every new episode and is part of an alongisde pilot to contextualise the training. Register via 

Following through
Obviously, 10-15 min. audio is just a start. If you want to follow through from what you hear in the audio podcast, we have 3 options that we warmly recommend to you.

If you wish to gain vitality, and be equipped in a highly personal and tailored way, why not follow through with a ‘fit for purpose’ consultancy package at a competitive price. This will give you the opportunity to receive on the job training, right in your unique context and fitting to your nature. Building on the audio episodes you heard, you will now also receive the accompanying explanations on how to use the ‘form aids function’ methodology, and assignments that skill you, with 1 on 1 feedback that grows you.

For medior teachers, who may also already work (or aspire to work) as coordinators of courses or degrees, are tight on time, and need advice that takes time and frustration out of your hands, we warmly recommend our highly personlised advisory for academic coordinators. Find our page on the website, including references by our clients.

Thirdly, you can find the options for our resilience course and qualification via our course portal.

For all these three options, why not ask your employer to support you? Read here why we believe that makes total sense. Feel free to approach us directly:

As a younger or aspiring teacher: Why is the audio pocast training for you?
-       If you feel frustrated, because perhaps your preparation time for teaching (lectures or otherwise) is ineffective (and underpaid) – this training can give you more efficiency and effectiveness

-       Perhaps you would like to teach (lecture or otherwise), but somehow you always get to do other work instead. This training can give you a way to show and argue that you have some solid background already and can start the real practice.

-       It is also interesting for you if you never found the time, but would like to gain technique and pedagogy after you have been already teaching for a while.

-       We train you to become a qualitative improviser, which is essential for your vitality, especially since, from the angle of the future of work, you are likely to switch jobs quite often.

-       The pilot allows you to connect with peers. You may recognize a lot of issues – or bring in new ones, and be inspired by inventiveness, receive eyeopeners and be encouraged.

-       As the pilot goes to scale we also invite a spectrum of experts from Europe, which may definitely interest you.

-       Our approach to capacity development is that it is a two way direction: we hope to equally learn a lot from you on what it’s like: teaching in your city, your country.

As a medior teacher: do you recognise any of the following?
-      Are you having a hard time, to reach the 10.000 hours that you need to master this beautiful profession of being a teacher, and feel crippled with a lack of technique and pedagogy? You want to get training, but have no clue where to find the focus, the attention, the time or where to start?

-      Creating and experimenting bring life to your course and allow you to connect the subject to contemporary research, projects, and stakeholders. But is it actually effective learning? Would you love to gain technique and pedagogy to improve your experimentations?

- Do you need to re-design your curricula, but don’t know how or where to begin? Or, how to integrate the pedagogy of your technical field, with blended design?

Tune in soon.

“The organic approach to training makes me reflect on my own thinking, my own process - and be able to immediately apply it to what I’m doing on a daily basis. It give me a solid basis, very foundational. And, it refreshes training I’ve had before-  reiterates it, reaffirms, fundamental things - such as constructive alignment - which perhaps otherwise would slip away in my memory.”
Ellen Geurts, Lecturer Building Economics, Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment, TU/Delft the Netherlands

“With such hard daily news [in our country], teachers are those who suffer more during the pandemic. I think every day about how lucky I am of participating in this experience with you! The trainings and conversations have been therapeutic and healing! It is bringing me back to the joy of teaching and I want you to know it!” Patricia Samora, Full Professor from Sao Paulo, Brazil

We are here especially for you in technical / human resilience and simplicity by design. #StudioBlended Keep asking: does it make sense? This is your day, in your life - enjoy every moment.

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