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“The right questions for the right time, and relevant people around the table to answer the questions”
Veronica Olivotto, Italy, PhD candidate The New School, New York.

“Brilliant initiative!“
Geoffrey Payne, International Advisor at the World Bank, Architect, Senior Visiting Lecturer

“Our audio podcast fits fluidly between your working life, and the home, just like being a teacher is so intertwined with who you are, and your way of life.“
Tikvah Breimer (MSc MEd MSc), Studio lead, independent senior advisor, and teacher trainer of the audio podcast.

“The Audio Podcast episodes really enriched my re-design studio with StudioBlended, and amplified the impact of the independent senior advice I received.” Charmae Pyl Wissink-Nercua
Course Manager, Sustainable Urban Development (SUD)
Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies (IHS), Erasmus University, Rotterdam

Are you looking for a robust and coherent methodology for curriculum design? One that brings all that scattered knowledge and practice on educational design together in one place, so that you can save your precious time and energy?

You have come to the right place.

Enter the extraordinary workplace which is home to our ongoing applied research - StudiOpedia (Studio + Encyclopedia).

Here we offer a finite methodology through our audio podcast ‘How to design a resilient curriculum’.

Not every researcher or professional has access to teacher training. Perhaps you did not enjoy it or never found the time. Perhaps it is unavailable in your region or at your institute. Or perhaps, it was rudimentary or focused only on didactics, or simply outdated in the changing world of education.

We are passionate about making robust teacher training on course/training design available to you.

In our podcast, we explain the fundamentals of your course’s curriculum - by design. We trust you can take it from here into your unique context and setting in a way which resonates with your unique personality as a teacher.

For an introduction to the main issues we discuss, listen to the podcast trailer, or read the trailer here

How it works
The methodology is modular. There is no particular order; every module is stand alone with intrinsic value; your range of techniques expands as you start to combine and use the modules.

When can you begin?
You can start anytime, just tune into an episode on your favorite streaming channel whenever convenient for you.

When can you expect new episodes?
Episodes follow incrementally, and organically. We release a new episode more or less, every season.

What are the guest interviews all about?
We do guest interviews across Europe. In our guest interviews we dont shy away from controversies - in fact we actively seek them and allow a spectrum of voices. We invite you even more to autonomously realise what makes sense for your unique nature and setting. We enjoy asking really good questions. And, we don’t tell you what to get from our guest interviews, but leave that up to you.

We promise you’ll feel refreshed, invigorated and inspired after listening, and above all will be able to be more effective and resilient in your own practice.

For information about the advisory services we offer click here.

Are you curious for more? Would you like to get in touch? Feel free to contact our lead directly for any questions or inquiries you may have. +31 6 42 47 29 69

Do you like the sound and music behind our podcasts? Have a listen directly to the Brazilian artist Lucas Rampazzo on Bandcamp

[forthcoming summer 2024]

‘Preparing for an effective and resilient curriculum design’
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Release March 20 / June 21 ‘23      

The episode comes in two clips: A) dosage (technical effectiveness) B) slow productivity (human resilience), the transcript is combining both clips.

In this episode, we tackle the problem over so-called ‘overload’ in terms of content in your curriculum. Perhaps to your surprise, we will link it directly to how you prepare for the content in your curriculum design, whether it is a module, course, training or a degree.

We go even beyond that: with technique - you can design for your own human resilience during preparation; your balance, your enjoyment of the simplicity in curriculum design.
Guest interview Veronica Olivotto (PhD Candidate, Urban Systems Lab, New School in New York), academic advisor in our Studio’s pool of external experts, speech proofreader.
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Release end academic year ‘22/‘23  

Veronica speaks of ‘slow productivity’ and what it’s like to write-up a PhD thesis after fieldwork. Her authentic contribution and voice has rich ingredients, including the experience of being alone, procrastination, verbalizing/oral culture vs. writing, un-writing, re-writing, discipline, daring to be imperfect, finding resonance in people/community, and the courage to begin, by also seeing ‘thinking’ as a form of ‘doing’. 

Guest interview Mattia Leone(Associate Professor)
University of Naples Federico II (UNINA)
Department of Architecture (DiARC)
Director of the UCCRN_edu Blended Master Degree on Climate-Resilient Urban Design (Erasmus+ Program)
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Release end academic year ‘22/‘23  

There is so much out there in your field - content, networks, projects - how to choose what goes in to a degree - and what stays out?

Associate professor Mattia Leone gives a lively and inspiring solo-talk about his lived-experience with designing and piloting an entire blended master degree at European level.

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‘Blended: reenvisioing ‘face to face’ time’
Prefer to read? Looking for resources? Transcript
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Release Dec 21  ‘22        

Where to begin, to design with a blended approach?

Today's episode is all about the premium time that face to face has become in education, and how you can use it, to design with qualitative guidelines of flexibility and accessibility, and pedagogy unique for your content. You need a bespoke approach. Allow this episode to bring you simplicity.

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’The actual practice of curriculum design’
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Release Sept 23 ‘22, episode 1 StudiOpedia

Today we delve into the actual practice of curriculum design:

1) The start of every sound teacher training: unlearn to go by intuition and emotion. Ensure a robust fundament with technique and pedagogy.
2) What curriculum is, and what learning design is.
3) Become aware of this fascinating organ, the brain – how does it learn best, how does it remember, how are lasting memories and deep understanding created – by design?
4) Get into a new routine, and skill yourself to design well.

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Trailer ‘How to design an effective and resilient curriculum’
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Release Sept 2 ‘22, trailer StudiOpedia       

Introduction to our philosophy and methodology - and your landing place called StudiOpedia (Studio + Encyclopedia), the (work)place to go for open access teacher training in effective and resilient curriculum design. 

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The agile team behind StudiOpedia
Executive production and teacher training by Tikvah Breimer (MSc MAEd MSc)
Independent senior advisor and teacher trainer
Phone +31 6 42 47 29 69 (workphone)

Proofreading of sylllabus and speeches by Veronica Olivotto [PhD candidate],

PhD Candidate Public and Urban Policy, New School, NYC 
and Malu Borja Lopez [architect]

Editor of transcripts (as of episode 4/modular) Nadine Coetzee [architect and editor]

Initial audio and podcast production, trailer speech production, and ongoing audio production advice by Paolo Destilo.

Graphic design and art, sound by Lucas Rampazzo.

Curious about the hand drawn sketches on our covers? Our Studio started a collaboration with the Chilean Architect Cazú Zegers who has shared a few hand drawn sketches from her renowned projects to give life to the covers of our Audio Podcast. The collaboration is infused with our shared passion for good educational design, and for our students. 
You will find her hand drawn schetches appearing incrementally as new episodes release. A common theme is the landscape. “The territory is to America, as the monuments are to Europe,” says Cazú. The ‘gesture figure form’ methodology is very much related to the territory and sometimes comes from the territory. To learn about Cazu Zegers’ work please visit:

Launch Sept 2, 2022 together with Atefeh Aghaee, Blended learning developer and advisor for the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment, Technical University Delft (TU/D), The Netherlands

We are here especially for you as unique professional, to come alongside you and partner with you, as you work on a (architecture / urban / development / land / water / climate) curriculum, so that you can offer effective and resilient education in its simplest form.
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We are here especially for you as unique course/training coordinator, to come alongside you and partner with you, as you work on a (architecture / urban / development / policy / land / water / climate) curriculum, so that you can offer effective and resilient education in its simplest form.

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