If you never heard of blended before - ‘blended learning’ is about the ‘thoughtful integration of online and face-to-face learning experiences’ (Garrison and Kanuka 2004, p. 96). Or in the words of Dijkstra & Goeman (2021, p. 6) ‘Blended learning refers to learning as a result of a deliberate, integrated combination of online and face-to-face activities.’

To us, quality teaching/pedagogics and accessibility must guide technology, coupled with time/costs that make sense -whilst we can use remote platforms to optimize live time teaching.

Our unique approach is that we see ‘blended’ through new eyes, through the new meaning and value of ‘live’ time (in person, in a physical space) in the post lockdown world. From there, we think back how to design online education.

Surely - higher education and capacity development of professionals, are never going to be the same in the post lockdown world.

Are you about to go into blended learning or in-country training? Let us come alongside you, especially now in a time of exploration and experimentation.

Allow us to give you time and take frustration out of your hands, as we bring an organic way of teaching and training that is resilient.

We are well-versed with advising you on the constellation of technology that you would need too.

We give consultancy for instance to:
- project leads who embark on a blended approach to their in-country delivery of a capacity development trianing to professionals
- course coordinators who must reimaging a complete university course
- senior experts who wish to design capacity development for professionals
-in company trainers who organize an on-site training

We also train teachers and trainers.

We are well-versed with budget design (in concept) to visualise trade-offs in time/costs. Such as expert fees, schedules, travel etc.

If you are curious about our approach for university lecturers/courses, have a look at the paper Tikvah Breimer recently authored (European spring 2021) together with Nigel Brown and Bart Slob - ‘Envisioning blended higher education in post-lockdown Europe’. The paper is available open source here, and we will host an event this fall (in Europe) as part of the wide citizen consultation called the Conference on the Future of Europe (spring 2021-2022).

The field is evolving so rapidly, that rather than catching the moment here, it makes much more sense to have an open conversation with you, if you’re interested in more. Feel free to give us a phone call, about who you are, what you need – and together we can see what our studio can do for you.

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