“In the future we will not speak of ‘blended’ education anymore, we will only talk of good education – and it will naturally involve a thoughtful integration of ‘face to face’ and online learning and teaching.From an interview (2021) by Tikvah Breimer with Wiebe Dijkstra, Coordinator Blended Learning Developers at TU/Delft. Collaborated on two Erasmus+ Programmes on Blended Higher Education (EMBED (2017-2020) and DigitelPro (2022).

I always felt ‘blended’ was like something superimposed on us with quite some pressure. But the workshop made me realise, that I was confusing ‘hybrid’ and ‘blended’, and i became aware of just how biased I had entered the workshop and I had many eye openers.
One of the senior teachers participating in our workshop ‘Blended: reenvisioning face to face time’. See under ‘what clients say’.

Image [click to expand]: example of a ‘blended’ and transdisciplinary learning journey: a thoughtful integration of asychronous and synchronous. Blended learning wave created by Breimer during the Erasmus+ programme DigtelPro, model based on TU Delft / WP Dijkstra. Drawing by one of the teachers we trained in our resilience course, a PhD candidate in transdisciplinarity.

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