“I like it. This is very fresh, innovative, strategic – instead of ad hoc - and sustainable!

Alonso Ayala, Head of the Academic Department Urban Social-Spatial Development at the Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies (IHS), Erasmus University.

“Along the way, Tikvah advised and equipped me how to simplify the course, by doing less actually, so that participants learn more – and it actually set free significant new budget.

Charmae Pyl Wissink-Nercua (she/her)
Specialist in Urban Land, Housing Development and Capacity Building
Course Manager, Sustainable Urban Development (SUD), Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies (IHS), Erasmus University.

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Financial health and financial resilience are crucial for the sustainability of your curriculum. Ensuring both enables you as coordinator to understand what is realistic and viable in your curriculum design. Our Studio partners with you to make strategic sense out of your golden triangle of quality, time and cost investment, and translate that into concrete curriculum design.

Designing a course, training or degree which is affordable is an opportunity to take a step back and first (re-)design your curriculum into an effective and resilient one. We work with you using our (re-) Design Studio, to create a pilot.

Figure: Your golden triangle or so-called project constraint triangle - quality, cost and time investment. After Project Management for Development Professionals (PMDPro4), 2017, p. 15

It is, in principle, possible to reduce the cost of a traditional face-to-face course, by turning it into a blended or remote (bichronous) form. Having both modalities available will make you more resilient to crises, such as less subsidies in any given year.

But, ‘blended’ is not a formula – it requires a unique design. We work with you to re-design the unique course, in the unique setting, and with the unique nature of its teaching staff.

Externally marketing the short course’s content to prospective participants depending on demand/marketability implies internally repackaging the curriculum (almost) annually. This results in high time costs and frustration. Development of material remains in the pilot phase often depending on one academic specialist, putting a lot of pressure on him or her. A curriculum with mature material would free up time and create opportunity for consolidation and rejuvenation of the vision of the course.

We propose re-designing the curriculum of the course/training with technical and human resilience, to become fit for purpose and modular for up to a decade and with a clear strategic implementation plan for the first three years.

Have you ever considered slowing down the design process and taking a step back, allowing a season or two for a pilot in order to develop a financially healthy, resilient way forward for the coming ten years?

Instead of providing bold recommendations at the initial stage, we aim to prepare the ground by making re-design visible and tangible to the teaching team and decision-makers (management), to draw out strategic questions, to guide decision-making and vision at your institute.


It is possible to develop a tangible pilot without making all the strategic decisions. It is possible to prepare the ground for a vibrant teacher community. A pilot takes the urgency to redesign as an opportunity to bring out strategic questions relevant to the entire portfolio.

We lay the foundations by building a model for scenario thinking around the course or training.

Using our (re-)design studio, we align the design in the golden triangle of quality, time and cost investment, for the first 3 years, and then up to a decade. This results in a price setting for the course.

This step includes alignment with the admissions office and the head of finance.

Key projects

Update follows soon (2024).


Our Studio gives you the desired result and impact, as a package price for your bespoke assignment.

We only advise on single trainings or courses; this approach is not suitable for entire degrees.

Once we know the parameters for your course, we offer you 2-3 scenarios and accompanying price indications.

To keep prices at the minimum, we work with essential and accessible software only. Outputs are in PDF and Excel.

Depending on your needs, we may source external experts for this assignment, such as a financial expert or an expert in learning technologies.

Why not book a session with us, to establish what these parameters are for your unique course, and together get a clear picture?

We work with a one day initial setup to establish the unique parameters relevant for you and your institutional setting (including preparation, meeting with you, the actual calculations and reporting back).

The initial setup meeting focuses on:
-      Clear definition of audience (who will be trained? demographics etc)
-      Current price of the course/training and desired price range
-      Definition of success (vision)
-      Time span and timing (i.e. onboarding or later in an employees career, blended or bichronous, study load, duration)
-      Individual training or Cohort learning
-      Learning objectives
-      Language (ie need for translation/editing)
-      Nature and aspirations for the course (i.e. level of flexibility, personalisation, collaboration, dynamic etc)
-      Learning platform (i.e. device responsiveness needed? Social learning from peers?)
-      Desired design for effective learning and assessment in the face to face components
-      Estimate of useability of existing material
-      Estimate of the shelf life of the existing material
-      Graphic design requirement
-      Support level needed after release
-     Expected involvement of stakeholders and decision-makers in the company in design and development
-      Requirements for eventual output
-     Additional institution-specific expectations which affect cost estimate.

The initial setup costs:
€800 (discounted package price) excl. VAT, excl. travel costs
€968 Incl. VAT 21% excl travel costs
The initial setup may include a team of senior advisors.
Output is in the form of a brief (remote or face to face) presentation of 2-3 scenarios, coupled with their respective quotations and the space to dialogue to discuss the next step.

Should we proceed with the design, the cost of the initial setup is discounted from the total cost for the work together.

The initial setup session results in a briefing and accompanying quotation for the entire assignment.

More design angles we use

Technical resilience
Human resilience
Evidence-based design
Financial health and resilience by (re)design
Innovative and deep pedagogy
Multi- Inter- and transdisciplinary
Designed to be green (and technological simplicity)
Nature and aspirations
Flexibilisation and personalisation
Simplicity and decluttering

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We are here especially for you as unique professional, to come alongside you and partner with you, as you work on a (architecture / urban / development / policy / land / water / climate) curriculum, so that you can offer effective and resilient education in its simplest form.

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We are here especially for you as unique course/training coordinator, to come alongside you and partner with you, as you work on a (architecture / urban / development / policy / land / water / climate) curriculum, so that you can offer effective and resilient education in its simplest form.

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