About: agile and interdisciplinary

“Our shared value system  always guides the way we work.

StudioBlended is not a company - it is a coherent concept. Like a plantcell - as reflected in the golden Kintsugi lines of our Japanese visual identity – we focus on human resilience of teachers, based on a techically sound design for their curricula.“

Tikvah Breimer, Founder and Lead StudioBlended, 2022.
We are an interdisciplinary platform of talented experts and artists, working under a not for profit foundation to reenvision education and teaching with resilience and simplicity.

We approach curriculum design with a technical and pedagogical lens. Equally, we approach design from the golden triangle of quality/time/cost investment.

Like a diamond with many sides, as reflected in our Japanese artwork/visual identity, we are swiftly able to put together an agile team to respond to a specific client and the issue they face.

An agile team comes alongside to help resolve, develops capacity and dissolves again, all in a variety of agile constellations, depending on the client or needs.  Any one of us may create their own work within the concept, can be the team lead, and put together an agile team which dissolves after a season. We are quick to learn and adjust accordingly.

The advantage of the platform is that we do not have to look for the right specialists. Our personalities and skill sets are deeply complementary and we are already used to working with each other in this interdisciplinary way. 

For more insight into the way we work, have a look at our manifesto.

What is it that you need? Feel free to contact any of us directly depending on your needs.

We are here especially for you. Keep asking: does it make sense? #StudioBlended Simplicity and Resilience up to a decade. This is your day, in your life - enjoy every moment.

StudioBlended 2022

Registration Chamber of Commerce
KvK-number 86242598 (Dutch)

VAT identification number
NL 86 39 07 29 5 B01

Formal account follows soon (summer 22).