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Blended approaches -
and live time optimisation

We are here especially for you. Keep asking: does it make sense? #StudioBlended Simplicity and Resilience up to a decade. This is your day, in your life - enjoy it all.

The resilient house - technical resilience enables an organic way of life, human resilience. A tribute to the Italian/Brazilian architect Lina Bo Bardi’s glass house, Casa Atibaia, Sao Paulo Brazil
Photo with permission: Ni.acki/Nicholas Préaud
StudioBlended is a platform of excellence centered on blended education and live time optimisation. We focus purely on teachers, and always on simplicity and resilience.

StudioBlended is a non profit foundation. Find our manifesto to learn more about our core value system and how we work.

Our strenght is working incrementally, fit for purpose, with pragmatic idealism, rolling wave - and highly tailored, personalised for you. We always work not just within the technical field of education, but also within your specific technical field.

We offer a rich universe of capacity development possibilities and opportunities - find a glimpse below in the upcoming events, or have a browse in our menu, the course, the atelier, the highly personalised concultancy through a card/package.  

As a platform we work in agile teams for clients, in a coherent concept which you find reflected in the menu here. 

What is it that you need? Feel free to contact us directly.

Upcoming events
Weekly organic trainings
Fridays 16.00 pm CEST Italy/Amsterdam

From 2022 onwards until the event on Feb 25, the organic trainings will be weekly, in a cycle of 5 topics, continuing on Fridays 16.00 CEST. Find the topics in our menu.

Event in the Future of Europe Conference, centered on resilience and teacher training.
Building on the paper we published
February 25, Friday
More information: 

Clients Archive ︎


Tikvah Breimer
(MSc MEd MSc)
Senior Consultant and Teacher Trainer
Lead StudioBlended

The Netherlands
+31 6 42 47 29 69

Mornings -
9.00 - 13.00am (CEST)

upon appointment

Evenings and
Weekend off radar

Europe / 
Latin America
Jane Longley (MA)
English editor, translator, educator
Modules/online environment instructions consultant

Nicaragua / UK

weekdays (CST)

Evenings and
Weekend off radar

Latin America

Lucas Rampazzo (MA)
Graphic Designer
Art Education consultant



Weekdays (BRT)

Evenings and
Weekend off radar

StudioBlended 2021