February 25, Friday, 2022 - Our event in the Conference on the Future of Europe. Also featured in the Dutch newspaper NRC, Future Affairs Newsletter on January 1, 2022.

Find the guide for the Japanese Future Design Model going into a synchronous audio playground here.

For a quick access to the dialogue and debate ignition on the topic, find our 4 pager here.

Our report is avaiable here

The scoping paper on envisioning blended higher education in post-lockdown Europe is available open-source here

Italy, Spain, Portugal and Greece, seen with new eyes - from the sea. More artwork by the talented Lucas Rampazzo follows soon.


Higher education, university, lecturers, teacher training, resilience, North/South divide, South/South, capacity development, Europe, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Greece, policy, economics, governance, COVID-19, post lock-down.

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Conference on the Future of Europe Event /

Resilience and the (non)sense of teacher training for university teachers in the South of Europe

February 25, 2022

A dialogue and debate at the intersection of generations,
and northern and southern Europe.

14:00 - 17:00 CEST/GMT+1
Amsterdam / Italy timezone
Invitation via Email
Confirmation via Eventbride (includes calendar invitation and ZOOM link)

Note 4 February 2022: Tickets sold out. Unless you received an exclusive invitation, personally, we closed the tickets, and are curating the groups. Keep an eye on the products that come out of the event and pilot.

We carefully select a pool of shortlisted young university teaching staff, as well as seasoned university teachers and experts, in northern and southern Europe, and per exclusive invitation offer them the opportunity to contribute to the largest citizen-consultation ever in Europe - the Conference on the Future of Europe.

We invite them to engage in dialogues and debates with each other, around ‘resilience and the (non)sense of teacher training for university teachers. The outcomes of the dialogues and debates will be reported to the European Parliament.

The majority of the time is reserved for actual interactions with the purpose of reaching policy recommendations for younger generations of university teachers in (Southern) Europe over the coming decades.

Japanese future design analogue model going synchronous
The event we envision is not merely a discussion. Find our guide here.

We are creating a synchronous universe of audio playgrounds which is an education unto itself. We are inspired by the Japanese Future Design Movement that shows how to factor younger/future generations into our politics. Rather than the symbolic 7th family generation, we take the coming socio-historical teacher generations as a time horizon - and experiment with their taking the Japanese Future Design analogue model to a synchronous audio space and using a pedagogical angle via roles.

At the heart of the event is the conversation between young university teachers from the South of Italy - University of Naples Federico II (DiarC / UNINA) - and other universities in Italy and Spain - student assistants, PhD candidates, lecturers on temporary contracts - and the educational experts and lecturers with more established careers (either from the North or South of Europe).

The purpose is to ignite qualitative and lively interactions, dialogues and debates between these groups, across generations and regions of the South of Europe. To take the individual experience and expertise, into the collective, the systemic, the adaptive.

Thereby we approach the North and South of Europe without compartmentalising the regions, but rather seeing the fluidity of their borders, and exploring each other’s worlds, history, present experiences, needs, ideas and hopes. You can see this beautifully reflected in the graphic art created especially for the event, in which Lucas Rampazzo sees the South with new eyes, from the sea, and as a single borderless line.

Tuning in to the event
The lion’s share of the event is our unique pilot with the Future design Japanese analogue model going synchronous. To serve pedagogical purposes, where people feel free in a certain role (40- or 40+) - and dare to step away from their day to day positions, the format needs psychological safety. That way it can be a playground for hardcore listening and asking good questions fearlessly. The event is therefore a closed Zoom call, and not recorded for the purpose of broadcasting.

We do however produce a report and a podcast based on the listening and dialogues which will be shared widely.

Envisioned outcomes:
- Policy recommendations for younger generations of teachers for the coming decades in (Southern) Europe, for the European Parliament.

- The outcomes of the experiment with the Japanese model for pedagogical purposes and through audio playgrounds will be shared in dynamic ways, such as via the podcast and in the report.

- Hardcore listening, dialogues, debates on the initiative of a South South European network for capacity development.

- New professional connections, that intersect generations and north and south - and beyond.

Outputs follow organically after the event:
- Podcast reflecting the outcomes (young teachers in the South, ‘audio university’) in collaboration with European Matters

- Report for GaragErasmus/European Parliament

- A pilot project with audio podcast broadcasting (2 years +) in a SouthSouth capacity development setting. Hereby StudioBlended teacher trainer Tikvah Breimer (MSc MEd MSc) gives a keynote (10-15 min) on each of the StudiOpedia’s 25 ‘form aids function’ modules. The StudiOpedia is a finite methodology for curriculum design crafted uniquely over the past decade, and together makes up the resilience course. Each keynote podcast, is in the pilot then followed by an audio playground for hardcore listening and dialogues to sense what of these techniques & pedagogy resonates in the South (of the South) of Europe. In a two way learning, the keynotes are then better contextualised and then fully scripted and recorded again, ready for streeming. The approach is light, in between, agile, fit for purpose and everything serves as a living document. The initiation is with the young teachers of DiARC UNINA that participated in the event, and a way to give something back as well as open up opportunities for a life long learning for others. Eventually, the broadness of the South is sought. Find more about it and our vision for audio Podcasts here.

CoFoE? Insights and updates
Not sure what the Conference is all about? Watch prof. Alemanno explaining it in an interview, from the angle of deliberate democracy and the actual future of Europe.

Also, for a half-way into the Conference update, find an article and listen to a podcast here.

Event lead / Moderators:
Tikvah Breimer (MSc MEd MSc)
Lead and Founder StudioBlended
Senior consultant, Teacher Trainer

Event lead, Lead of the experiment with the Japanese Future Design Time-rebels model going synchronous for pedagogical purposes (see below).
Ambassador Erasmus + Generation

Paolo Destilo (BSc)
Host and Podcast Producer
Founder of the Europe Matters podcast

Coordinator & advisor young teachers
Enza Tersigni (PhD) (Research Fellow)University of Naples Federico II (UNINA)Department of Architecture (DiARC)
Member Urban Climate Change Research Network (UCCRN), Co-proponent Erasmus + UCCRN-EDU project

Senior advisor in the South
Mattia Leone (Associate Professor) University of Naples Federico II (UNINA)
Department of Architecture (DiARC)
Senior Researcher PLINIVS-LUPT Study Centre of UNINA
Co-Director Urban Climate Change Research Network - European Hub (UCCRN)
Green Building Council Italy Chapter Campania-Calabria
Lead Erasmus + UCCRN-EDU project

Laila Bouallouch (MSc MSc)
Policy Advisor Future of Work
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
The Netherlands

Geoffrey Payne Architect, Senior lecturer, Housing and Urban Development senior consultant
Geoffrey Payne and Associates
World Bank advisor
London, UK

John Cropper
Co-Founder Pyramid Learning
Greater Oxford Area, UK

Enza Tersigni (see above) &
Francesca Brunner (MSc student)
Ambassador Erasmus+ Generation

Paolo Destilo (see above)

Report to the European Platform / Parliament Tikvah Breimer (MSc MEd MSc)
In co-collaboration with DiARC/UNINA

Jane Longley (MA)
English editor, translator, educator
Consultant online instruction formulation


Lucas Rampazzo (MA)

Graphic designer
Online learning environments art designer


European Parliament subsidy via GaragErasmus Foundation for the Erasmus Generation, Milan, Italy

StudioBlended aims to support public life, public squares that are so essential for dialogue and debate in our democracies, by supporting cafes and restaurants in these times of lockdown. The moderation of this European event takes place in an 1920s bathhouse, built in the style of Amsterdamse School and turned into a restaurant - Badhu in Utrecht, the Netherlands. We will share pictures afterwards via GaragErasmus and LinkedIn.


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Paolo Destilo is a young Dutch-Italian podcast producer and host of the Europe Matters show - The Podcast Made in Europe. In this bold, fresh & curious podcast series he delves deep into thought-provoking questions related to where Europe is and where it is heading. He discusses these questions with thought leaders, academics, artists and all those who care about the Future of Europe. Check out his work through

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