‘Fit for purpose’ package
and ‘Punctual interventions’ Card

“You [Tikvah] are able to learn/absorb the subject that I’m trying to produce, and you transform it to a methodological angle, and organise it is such a way that it directs me, and I can do things in a more effective and efficient way”.

Tannya Pico, PhD candidate doing researrch into Nature Based Solutions (NBS) and transdisciplinarity, from Quito, Ecuador  Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies (IHS), Erasmus University, Rotterdam

“It works because, instead of another "method", what Tikvah delivers is individually tailored consultancy. She first listens, then she suggests new paths and possibilities for implementing our work differently, without losing what each individual cares about most. “

prof. dr. Patricia Samora
Senior lecturer and researcher
Pontificia Universidade Catholica de Campinas
Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism
Greater Sao Paulo Metropolitan Area

Our promotional consultancy for university teachers, are fit for purpose, and offer punctual interventions.

Do you have to design, develop and deliver a (new) course? Are you ready for the blended and bichronous future?
So much momentum - the world opening up again.

Did you never get the time, or chance to follow a teacher training/qualification?

Haven’t you worked with blended before - past emergency education online?

And are you pressed on time, so that a full teacher training is too much to ask now?

As StudioBlended we came up with something especially for you: the ‘fit for purpose package’ and the ‘punctual interventions card’.

Handwritten bill for fresh fish from the sea, Ubatuba beach, Brazil 2013. What is the best bill you ever had?

Our senior consultant and teacher trainer, Tikvah Breimer (MSc MEd MSc) can come alongside you and give you a safe landing into the new academic year with your envisioned blended or remote course. This will ensure you can move past emergency education online, and become resilient instead, for the coming decade – both yourself, and the material.

Why not ask your employer to support you? Have a look here why we believe that makes total sense.

1. Our ‘fit for purpose’ consultancy consists of a package.
We follow this simple set-up if you’re designing or developing:

1.     30 min onboarding (our teacher trainer listens to your problem, to understand where you are stuck, what you’re trying to do).
2. You send a one-page document with a more specific explanation of your issue
3. 1-hour alongside advice giving you several alternatives - if possible in a live meeting, alternatively in a call.
4. You choose one alternative, and send a final plan for the way forward
5. Final consultancy, if possible in a live meeting, alternatively in a call

2. Our ‘punctual interventions’ consultancy consists of a card.

We recommend this simple set-up if you’re delivering a course.

This card includes 2 - 3 meetings with our teacher trainer/senior consultant, whenever you need them during the coming academic year. Our senior consultant and teacher trainer will prepare a response to the (emergency) situation you send in, and interact with you about it in a call, or live (if possible). 

Price: both the ‘fit for purpose’ consultancy package and the ‘punctual interventions’ consultancy card cost 250,- euro net upfront.

Transport compensation If you meet in person, and there are travel costs involved, these are to be met by the client.

Timing: throughout the academic year. Payment is upfront (Transfer, or Tikkie (NL), Paypal (International) are all possible – whatever makes your life easier).

Valid: The package is valid throughout 1-2 seasons as fits your situation - we want to be here especially for you, when you need it. We follow your organic pace, but if you need us too – we can also stimulate you to actually ensure finalisation and a certain due date. The card is valid for 1 full year after activation with the first call.

For whom?
If you are pressed for time and this is not the right moment for you to take a teacher training course (see resilience course) these two options are highly tailored and personalised, whereby our teacher trainer/senior consultant can simply come alongside you, right where you are.

In a way, you can build your own modular teacher training even, in a more organic way of developing your capacity on the job. A package can be built in a modular way, with more sessions added if you need it, or combined with a card etc. The idea is that you have autonomy over how you build it up, with opportunities and possibilities for us to come alongside, as you see fit for your needs at any given moment, and as makes sense to you. Whilst at all times, offering the option of low-cost consultancy.

This is also a good way forward for any alumni of the resilience course, who wish to deepen their design, and take it into development and build it in online platforms.

Not sure what it is that you need in terms of design, development or delivery of teaching? Have a look at an initial overview of needs you may face in the coming academic year.

On the one hand, we can come alongside to help you re-design and develop afresh – within your time constraints, any material you already have. 

Have a look at the technical fields Tikvah Breimer (MSc MEd MSc) usually works in content-wise, so that you can be assured you do not start from scratch but can interact “high over”, using your own technical words/worldview (discourse/paradigm) and get right to the essence of where you’re stuck.


Audio Podcasts
If you want to experience for yourself what capacity development at the level of university lecturers feels like, by our teacher trainer Tikvah Breimer (MSc MEd MSc) – tune in to our freely available audio podcasts.

We wish you a wonderful academic year, full of resilience and enjoying every day of it.

We are here especially for you. Keep asking: does it make sense? #StudioBlended Simplicity and Resilience up to a decade. This is your day, in your life - enjoy every moment.

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