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We work with clients including higher educational institutions, government, think tanks, corporations, foundations, and (at times) civil society and non governmental organisations.

For references by teachers we trained, see under the respective trainings.
UCCRN_edu (Erasmus+)Tikvah Breimer took a train to Paris, to meet the lead of the recently kicked-off Erasmus+ UCCRN_edu programme - and its partners, in the multiplyer event. She attended and observed the longstanding Urban Design Climate Workshop (UDCW) for students, and based on that organised an on-site advisory session for the associate professors who were involved in its design, development and delivery. 

‘I would have never expected that a 30min flipchart session could be so helpful in clarifying the core aspects of a blended model for multidisciplinary integration in higher education! The UCCRN_edu [Erasmus+] project will benefit a lot from such valuable advice.’

dr. Mattia Leone, architect and associate professor, Department of Architecture (DiARC) University of Naples Federico II, Italy. Also co-director of the Urban Climate Change Research Network - European Hub (UCCRN) and  Coordinator Erasmus+ UCCRN-EDU project.

Photo: Paris from a rooftop, at the end of the multipyer event, by Breimer 2022

DiARC UNINA (Naples)Tikvah Breimer led a Participatory Action Research (PAR) during an event in the largest citizen-consultation ever held in Europe, the Conference on the Future of Europe. Our partner in the South of Europe, was the Faculty of Architecture of the largest Public University in the world, in Naples, Italy.

‘Nothing was set in stone, and everything was discussed and organised together, sharing opinions on all aspects, from the way people were selected to the details of the event format. This made it possible to be involved in the process, to feel it as one's own, stimulating the best possible outcome.’

Enza Tersigni (PhD) (Research Fellow, Coordinator of the teachers involved in the event) University of Naples Federico II (UNINA)Department of Architecture (DiARC)
Member Urban Climate Change Research Network (UCCRN), Co-proponent Erasmus + UCCRN-EDU project

Photo: Naples from a rooftop, by Breimer 2012

UN-Habitat (Nairobi)
Tikvah Breimer gave advice regarding the set-up of a first envisioned pilot (design phase) by introducing a blended approach to an in-country capacity development training at a ministry of urbanism in DRC. Period: spring/summer in Europe 2021.

‘I had the opportunity to work with Tikvah in May 2021 when I was working for UN-Habitat as legal specialist. I was designing a capacity development programme on policy and legal drafting for the Ministry of Urban Planning and Housing of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Tikvah provided pro bono advice on how to develop a blended programme for the Ministry blending in-country sessions with on line and off-line activities. It was extremely useful and easy to work with her. Tikvah helped me appreciate the opportunities blended trainings can offer to overcome the difficulties of the COVID-19 pandemic and improve the impact of capacity building activities. She quickly understood the programme needs and challenges and proposed workable solutions.’

Projectlead Gianluca Crispi, Lead Legal Specialist, UN-Habitat Nairobi, Kenya.

Photo: Medellin cable from the city to a national park, Breimer 2020

Resilience course
Tikvah Breimer held two pilots with the resilience course for teacher training, during lockdowns.

“I took the resilience course, and now deliver the actual course (summer in Europe, 2021).

Suddenly I sense I dare to improvise with the technical and pedagogical formats the resilience course trained me in. The capacity I developed to design a technically resilient course, now helps me so much to be focused on where I’m going with the teaching.

Students start to reach much higher levels already halfway the semester. They start thanking me, that the class was wonderful, it’s so encouraging, even if everything is still on distance. When the parents are happy – the children are happy. It’s the same with teachers!

I feel secure the material is solid and lasting, so I can build on it, incrementally. I dare to learn by doing, everything you (Tikvah) said is true – I’m calmer, more self-confident, and daring to experiment more. The structured approach the course brought, now brings me deep excitement to keep growing and learning myself too, not just students. It’s so rewarding.

You are so right we don’t need more heavy and extensive technology for excellent higher education, we need excellent technique and pedagogy, resilience. The course was a gift from heaven. I want you to train our entire team of professors!”

prof. dr. Patricia Samora
Senior lecturer and researcher
Pontificia Universidade Catholica de Campinas
Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism
Greater Sao Paulo Metropolitan Area

Photo: Brazilian Brutalism at FAU USP, a University Faculty that defined its own Architectural Style. Flickr user Fernando Stankuns.

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