Organic way of life and simplicity

Above all - the love of life. It is grace, moment to moment. This is what life is for - it is for us, to enjoy. To delight in all of the world of creation, for the sake of it.

From rest and an organic way of life come our strength, calm, humanity, simplicity, and elegance. From confidence - without taking ourselves too seriously. They enhance the quality of our attention and our ability to understand the essence, work organically and on time. Come home to the present tense - discover freedom. Be human. Be in step with ourselves - and each other.

That’s why, we deeply respect the rhytms and pedagocical/leadership/corporate value of presence and absence. The right to disconnect is also the beauty of a professional, corporate culture we create amongst ourselves and for clients.

We set out to enjoy our very own day in our very own lives –
and long to enable clients and lecturers to do the same.

We love to work in an interdisciplinary way, with experts who are both really good at what they do and are wonderful to work with. We love to observe people, listen, tune in - what it is that they need at the human level, and faciliate that, to bring out all they can be, and see them soar, surprise us.

We move lightly between people, governments, companies and institutions and follow the seasons as natural time demarcations of project cycles and contracts.

Technical educational relevance

We don’t work in generic ways on education - we always speak right into your technical field. We believe every field has a pedagogy of its own. We have a finite methodology -  it is possible to gain mastery and calm.

Quality of our attention

We love to work in a way that allows us to give our undivided attention to the work. Be engaged - fully present, with the people, the team, the work. Which is why we only take on one large project per season.
We believe in doing things well – simply for the sake of creating something good.

Financial groundwork

We love everything about finance and are currently working on this section with a financial expert. Bottomline is high quality financial accountability, transparency, honest prices for true value of true quality, and sound financial expertise and reliability.

Resilience and structural approaches

Resilience is at the heart of our work – both as humans, professionals and for the work.  This leads us to make a sound time/budget investment and design courses/trainings in such a way that they last up to a decade, whilst teachers become more resilient too.

We believe in structural groundwork for resilience, and anticipation of delivery with lots of options depending on how reality unfolds. For this reason, we focus so much of our attention, time and expertise on the design phase and piloting it.

Seeing ‘live’ time with new eyes

We see ‘blended’ through new eyes, through the new meaning and value of ‘live’ time (in person, in a physical space) in the post lockdown world. We look through a pedagogical lens.

Climate and safety

We care deeply about the environment, and continue to grow in awareness about the carbon costs of technology. Which is why we only work with light online platforms, and mind our data storage by cleaning a course online every end of a season.

We are mindful of privacy and safety issues with Cloud storage, and do our best to find alternatives. We never record sensitive conversations, such as those where our teachers are learning and interacting. We always protect ourselves and our teachers first, and also that way it doesn’t keep circulating.

We are mindful of the meaning of holding something in your hands, and only print for such a purpose, since we are in awe of trees.

We try to keep Emails simple, and frequency to a minimum in a week - both from a climate perspective, and the human perspective. Rather, we use the phone a lot.


Optimal blend

Our StudioBlended is all about a blended approach to learning / teaching / training – the thoughtful combination of live time optimisation and online / remote delivery. The blend that makes sense varies for every individual context, and for the one leading it.

Our response is therefore a highly personalized, uniquely tailored approach.


We care about the human connection with our clients, and always look to the long-term in the relationship. Consistency and open communication are important to us.
We use the phone, a lot, to connect (and try to minimize Email).

We do not do marketing, since we work exclusively with clients with whom we build up a professional relationship over time.


We only work on technical matters, highly tailored for clients.
We can be both high level and conceptual, and grounded and practical with reference to a given reality and context.
We have a broad technical professional network with experts we can consult as necessary.

Rolling wave

We work with a rolling wave approach. We set out the broad sketch of a timeline, and anticipate deadlines, but only add detail as we approach a due date.
In this way we remain responsive to our organic way of collaborating with people, to how reality unfolds, and open to possibilities and opportunities.


In order to remain available, we only take up one main project per season to allow for that consistency. We love that natural rhythm to the season.


In consultancy we come alongside a project lead / client. We listen, ask, level and then advise, guide, troubleshoot, guide learning and feed-back into the design for the next delivery by the client.


Our strength is in pioneering projects and getting you started in this post-lockdown era. We are well versed with ‘fit for purpose’ approaches, designing, developing and delivering pilots. Incremental, rolling-wave, open-building, and modular are our signature strengths.


The StudioBlended concept operates as a platform, and our experts and artists use them to create their own work. The site is more or less static, whilst we each add dynamics on our individual social media, fitting to the season, the work we create, and our networks.

For actual deliverables we use the StudioBlended platform as a quick way to get together an agile core team, to best fit the needs of the specific project. Our disciplines, backgrounds and personalities are compatible, and we are already used to working together.


We are flexible in our range of deliverables, from with inventiveness in the ordinary solutions, to the beauty of simplicity in corporate, elegant, and even artistic end products.


We give consultancy, highly tailored to the client. We never take the lead, but instead, always come alongside, and may even equip. We love to create, and do not hesitate to be more daring, and are unafraid to visualise certain approaches for our clients in draft versions, to stimulate more effective communication.

Capacity development

We learn too. Therefore, to us the work alongside every client and lecturer is a journey. We set out to equip a professional where relevant. Yet equally, with every client, we set out on a learning journey ourselves, which we also feed-back into our trainings and advise.

For this reason, we are selective in our choice of professionals and clients, to create coherence (e.g. on resilience, technical fields of expertise, regions).


We work exclusively in:
Latin America
With cross-overs to Africa

It is here that we are in tune with reality on the ground and can guarantee quality.

We are here especially for you. Keep asking: does it make sense? #StudioBlended Simplicity and Resilience up to a decade. This is your day, in your life - enjoy every moment.

StudioBlended 2022

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KvK-number 86242598 (Dutch)

VAT identification number
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Formal account follows soon (summer 22).