Technical and Regional

As stated in our manifesto, one of our core values is that we only work on technical matters if you need us to develop educational material for you content-wise.

We work with clients including educational institutions, government, think tanks, corporations, civil society organisations.

We have both urban and rural expertise.

Our technical background includes the following topics. In these fields, we are well-versed with the basics so that as a client you don’t start from scratch:

Inequality, Urban/regional governance, land law - policy - instruments, planning, geospatial analysis/GIS and GPS, access to affordable safe water, piped water, WASH, incremental housing, urban housing projects, informality, architecture, education, youth employment

Climate, biodiversity, forests, GIS analysis, biodynamical agriculture.

Curriculum design, course design, workformats design, module design, teacher trainer course design, capacity development of professionals course design, online platform design.

Budget design in concept - time/cost trade-offs and options, such as participant schedule, trainer schedule, expert fees.

Europe, Latin America and cross-overs with Africa.

We are here especially for you. What is it that you need?

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