‘You take our ideas, visions, inspiration - and you anchor us.’

One of our corporate clients in our early explorative dialogues.

“You [Tikvah] are able to learn/absorb the subject that I’m trying to produce, and you transform it to a methodological angle, and organise it is such a way that it directs me, and I can do things in a more effective and efficient way”.

Tannya Pico, PhD candidate doing research into Nature Based Solutions (NBS) and transdisciplinarity, from Quito, Ecuador  Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies (IHS), Erasmus University, Rotterdam
For her most recent pubication see TRIALOG 144 - ECUADOR - After Habitat III

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Photo: Eixample, street layout in Barcelona. Able to incorporate a dynamic future. Taken from the booklet ‘The Basilica of the Sagrada Familia, Triangle Postals, Menorca, 2012. Photography Pere Vivas.

Are you struggling with... ?
- ... A transition in a valuesystem (ie. de-growth, regenerative, de-carbonisation) or incorporation of realisation of a twincrisis (climate, ecology) or even polycrisis (inequality)?

-… A transition in approach that requires a curriculum as a learning journey (ie. towards a pedagogical approach and purposeful markting, and away from marketing as we used to do it)?

-… How to anchor the unfolding national public negotiation of a curriculum to learn what we really need to enact the worlds we really want? Or even a transnational one in your project?

-... Preparing new generations for more heat, more turblalence, a permacrisis?

Does it make sense?

Are you aware that:
- ...?


-... ?

Our advice and partnering with you
StudioBlendedenvisages a two-stage approach, based on a systemic understanding of this challenge.

The first stage involves understanding the context and setting the direction and the second stage involves the design of the learning journey itself along with recommendations for implementation.

STAGE I: The Parameters of change

Collaborating with you as a client to fully understand the scope and parameters of the change that is needed including the current situation and an articulation of what a successful change process looks like for your faculty/organisation/company.

To fully understand the parameters and scope of change, we suggest a series of in-person and virtual workshops. Objectives may be:

  • Articulating a shared (working) definition

  • Developing a vision

  • Understanding the stakeholder environment

  • Agreeing on a set of principles for decision-making in the change journey.

  • Creating a logical framework as a tool to bring much of the previous analysis together and highlight agreed objectives, outcomes and outputs.

STAGE II: Learning journey (curriculum) design

Designing a learning journey that you can use to plan and implement the change process itself.

To fully understand the parameters and scope of change, we suggest a series of in-person and virtual workshops. Objectives may include:

  • Agreeing guiding principles for curriculum design.

  • Designing the pedagogical approach

  • At StudioBlended we work with a Technically resilient framework for curriculum development. This is fit for purpose so that it offers a structure for a spectrum of modules, and aims to be time-resilient for at least a decade.

  • Designing a modular learning journey.

  • Recommendations for strategizing the curriculum development.  This follows the modular logic we propose. When considered over a period of 3 years, what makes sense in terms of investment of quality, time and cost based on our experience to date with Interface? For instance, which modules should be piloted first, and which ones should be consolidated really well – whilst others can remain more dynamic and temporary?

For this design challenge, we draw on years of experience both in program management advisory and training, and in curriculum design. We also work with paradigm shift analysis and the so-called X-curve for transition in sustainability.
See a presentation Tikvah Breimer, independent senior advisor, gave at JRC, on the hype cycle of concepts and a paradigm shift.

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We are here especially for you as unique professional, to come alongside you and partner with you, as you work on a (climate / urban) curriculum, so that you can offer good and resilient education in all simplicity.
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