Training of Trainers (TOT) workshop: a compact workshop around a design challenge/angle

‘We wanted to explore the value of face to face and online teaching for the specific needs of honours education, e.g. safe spaces and off-the-script interaction. It was very inspiring to experience how Tikvah translated our questions and feedback into a lively workshop and a podcast with lasting value.’

Prof. dr. Stephanie Rosenkranz, Professor Microeconomics, Dean Utrecht University Honors College.

‘The audio podcast that we received prior to the workshop, as a flipping the classroom experience, caught my attention, I was fascinated by the content and it was new to me to listen instead of read. It had some nice twists that came unexpected to me.’

Participant and dr. senior teaching staffmember in the same workshop.

Image [click to expand]: example of a ‘blended’ learning journey: a thoughtful integration of asychronous and synchronous. Blended learning wave created by Breimer during the Erasmus+ programme DigtelPro, model based on TU Delft / WP Dijk

Does it make sense?
Our Training of Trainers (TOT) workshops are targeted at teachers, trainers and coordinators of courses, trainings or degrees at university.

Our Studio created a standardised blended concept for a TOT workshop, to ensure an optimal learning curve in a compact time, at a competititve price. This standardised concept includes integration with our Audio Podcast ‘How to design a resilient curriculum’.

Even when the concept is standardised, the TOT workshop is tailor-made for your unique team.

Curriculum is the course to be run, the journey to be taken to a destination by your learners.

Even so, our focus is on you and your team, as unique professionals, who coordinate a course, training, degree. How can you design effectively, with technical and human resilience?

We can give the TOT workshop regardless of your team’s background; from zero teacher training in the past, to having had a solid training (i.e. BKO). We work bespoke for your team and take it from there.

Are you aware that:
- ... A TOT workshop can help you and your team to explore a burning issue, or an innovative angle to curriculum design together, and ensure you are all on the same page and level?

-... A TOT workshop can help ensure that your teammembers and you are in step with each other, when it comes to the direction in which you lead curriculum design?

-... A TOT workshop can rejuvinate your team and boost wellbeing and retention, showing them directions for their own job satisfaction and enjoyment, such as autonomy, mastery and purpose?

Our advice and partnering with you: the transformation you undergo
Our workshops are characterised by simplicity; bringing back the essence of effective and resilienct curriculum design.

Our philosophy and robust methodology for curriculum design is both deeply coherent and finite: you can actually become really good at it.

In our TOT workshops - either face to face or remotely - we tackle one challenge, and equip you and your team with one design angle. You may either raise a challenge you face in your context yourself, or have a look at the design challenges and angles we identified (see ‘How we work’).

After onboarding and prior to the face to face experience (or the remote actual synchronous training), we send a 20 min. audio podcast episode to your team, to prepare the ground.

We love to work hands-on and in asynchronous ways in the face to face component of the TOT workshop. This is why we work with flip-charts. Working by hand creates a hand-heart connection, and integrates learning much deeper.

You and your team will see curriculum design with new eyes, be equipped with concrete design lenses and principles, and hands-on formats and frameworks, to be able to design effective and resilient curricula at your institute.

All participants gain unlimited access to our Audio Podcast ‘How to design a resilient curriculum’ to further deepen and expand learning in the robust methodology and philosophy of our Studio.

This TOT workshop includes:
1. Intake to listen to you, and dialogue on the main problem, prior knowledge, and the challenge and angle we want to take for your team.
2. Advising you, and partnering with you on effective communication surrounding invitations and show-up
3. A blended approach to the delivery of the training. Alternatively we can do the workshop remotely.
4. Pre-delivery communication/onboarding, and personal invitation (remotely, whenever possible tangible such as via post)
5. An audio podcast (20 min.) recording pre-delivery (made available publically via all our channels)
6. A hands-on 2.5 hour exclusive and bespoke session for your target group
7. A reflection session remotely
8. A certificate issued by our Studio.
9. Free access to all the episodes of our Audio Podcast ‘How to design a resilient curriculum’

A TOT workshop (blended or remote) costs 995,- euro excl VAT (21%), excl travel costs within Europe (or beyond). Price is an indication, please inquire about a tailor-made price based on your requirements and choices.

We usually take up a team of around 20 teachers/trainers/coordinators.

We expect our clients on location to provide for:
- A suitable room 
- Flipchards and flipchart paper (number depending on group size)
- A projector and a screen

We take care of the other materials.

We expect all our clients to provide for:
- Access to the individual participants via Email, directly or via a secretariate, throughout the blended experience

Feel free to email or call our lead and independent senior advisor, directly.
+31 6 42 47 29 69

We are here especially for you as unique professional, to come alongside you and partner with you, as you work on a (climate / urban / architecture) curriculum, so that you can offer effective and resilient education in all simplicity.

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