Training of Trainers: a compact blended  module or workshop

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Image: quick sketch of the elements of the a suggested Training of Trainers (ToT) as a 1 week module in the form of a ‘blended learning wave’. Click to expand. Model created by Breimer during the Erasmus+ programme DigtelPro, based on  TU Delft / WP Dijkstra.

Our approach to on-site Training of Trainers (ToT) is compact and blended, whereby our teacher trainer comes to the participants on-campus or in another attractive physical space for ‘face to face’ sessions. 

This on-site training is a bespoke assignment in close dialogue with you as a client. Our teacher trainer will always aim to include a blended experience

Participants may not only be university teachers, but also those with decision-making power, such as directors or deans.

Find below some examples of earlier work for clients.

Example of bespoke work for a client:
A dean of an interdisciplinary faculty, sensed emotions such as fear and frustration amongst the teaching staff, with the need to go ‘blended’, as the world opens up. Particularly due to negative experiences with emergency education online. For this client, we proposed a ‘blended experience’ for the teaching staff, including a podcast and a playful face to face design session. The session takes a surprising angle, and centers on the absolute premium time that face to face has become - and from there, teachers are challenged to re-design the online learning journey, with the aim actually, of optimising the face to face time.

We collaborated with the existing teaching academy - Educate-it, so that our work is complementary and teachers know where to find experts within the institution who can invigorate their designs with technology. The follow-up on the blended experience is also in the deep listening, dialogues and exchanges that follow in the team.

‘We wanted to explore the value of face to face and online teaching for the specific needs of honours education, e.g. safe spaces and off-the-script interaction. It was very inspiring to experience how Tikvah translated our questions and feedback into a lively workshop and a podcast with lasting value.’

Prof. dr. Stephanie Rosenkranz, Professor Microeconomics, Dean Utrecht University Honors College.

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We are here especially for you as unique educational professional, to come alongside you as you work on the curriculum design of your module, course, training or degree, so that you can offer good and resilient education in the long run.

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