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A visioning workshop is a productive way of helping organisational leadership to elaborate and outline different scenarios - and understand together what ‘success’ actually looks like. Understand your choices before you jump into decisions and actions. 

Does it make sense?
Strategy is all about making choices. Arguably, if the strategy does not lead to clear decisions being taken and choices made, then it is not strategic.

In order to make these choices, we need to be clear on the different scenarios and courses of action available.

It follows that strategy development is about outlining the possible scenarios and then understanding what achieving these scenarios means in terms of activities, costs, available skills, risks, and challenges.

It is important that we express the scenarios in terms of outcomes – actual changes in observable behaviours. In other words, if we achieve a given scenario, what does this look like on the ground? What will people be doing? How will people be behaving? What will be happening around them?

Once we have articulated these changes in behaviours and situation, we are in a position to work backwards and elaborate the activities that would be necessary in order to achieve a given outcome.

This, in turn, allows for a process of understanding risks, challenges, costs, skills and skills gaps, and so on. The organisation is then in a position to choose which strategic path to follow and develop concrete implementation plans.

Are you aware that:
- ... you may be unaware even of what ‘success’ looks like for you and your team, your institute, even in the middle of rolling out courses, trainings and degrees?

-... reality in the educational field is changing quickly, and you may need to update your vision together, finetune your valuesystem around choices?

-... an envisioning workshop is an excellent way to make the urge to change, to transition, tangible and visible?

Our advice and partnering with you: the transformation you undergo
The visioning workshop can be imagined as a time-machine. If all stepped into the time-machine, and got out, 10 years later, what are teachers and participants/students behaving like? What do we want to see? How do they learn? Interact online, face to face? Teach? How many students are there? And teachers?  

We will create a bespoke design for the workshop for you as a client, centered on the Theory of Change (TOC) tool. What is the vision of what you’re trying to do? What change is needed, to get there?

We take up course coordinators, and relevant other coordinators in the portfolio. A total of about 10 participants. Managers/ directors may come in at essential moments.

We make the workshop as hand-on and active as we can with you and your team, preferably on a wall. We aim to make choices, visions etc. as visible and tangible as possible, and embody them by being actively involved with what is happening in the group and on the wall.

It is a face to face module of unstructured, guided time (not remotely such as on Miro, but with deep good question by our independent senior advisors). If relevant, for really good questions, we will invite senior experts from our network to amplify the impact of this two morning session.

We can involve our graphic designer an artist to transform the outcomes and outputs into graphics that can be then used to further strenghten the following work on a curriculum, in step with your team.

Have a look also under ‘designing for change / transition’. 
We do not design for system transitions as a process of implementation. For that we refer to other specialists.

This bespoke envisioning workshop includes
- The design for the bespoke envisioning workshop, together with two indpendent senior advisors who are experienced in TOC workshops

- Delivery guided by our Studio’s independent senior advisor and lead, and remotely supported by a second independent senior advisor.

- As relevant other local experts may be invited too for parts of the envisioning workshop, to ask really good questions to your team

- Reporting back to coordinators in charge on the outcomes, including management/director

- Brief visualisation of the outputs on the wall and key outcomes as a PDF report.

An envisioning workshop on location costs 630,- euro per person for 2 mornings excl VAT (21%), excl travel costs within Europe (or beyond). Price is an indication, please inquire about a tailor-made price based on your requirements and choices.

We expect our clients on location to provide for:
- A suitable room with a good empty wall, for two mornings
- Refresments
- Lunch as part of the ways to foster listening and dialogue
- A projector and a screen

We take care of the other materials.

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We are here especially for you as unique professional, to come alongside you and partner with you, as you work on a (climate / urban / architecture) curriculum, so that you can offer effective and resilient education in all simplicity.

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