'Ha um gosto de vitoria e encanto na condicao de ser simples.

Nao e preciso muito para ser muito.'

'There is a sense of victory and delight in the condition of being simple.

You don't need a lot to be a lot.'

Lina Bo Bardi / Italian Brazilian architect,
winner Venice Architecture Biennale’s
Special Golden Lion award 2021

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The 1-week atelier in Italy is organised as a pedagogical retreat, and bespoke assignment for and with clients. Do you need to get a course design done as effectively as possible within a 1 week time-span? Or perhaps even an entire degree design? You have come to the right place, in good hands.

The architect Battista, and his biodynamical field. He is partnering with us to realise the atelier on his estate. Photo: Azienda Agricola Agrituristica.

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Fresh lemons. Photo: Tikvah Breimer

In your free time you can admire the Brazilian Architect Oscar Niemeyers sculpted Auditorium in Ravello.

You can admire Leonardo Da Vinci in Florence. Photo: Tikvah Breimer

In your freetime you can go to the thermae. Photo: Tikvah Breimer

We take as a maximum 10 participants per atelier. Or alternatively organise a 1 on 1 solo deep dive for you as course or degree coordinator (or master student for that matter). We organise only upon request.

In principle we can organise an atelier once every season.

Italy serves are our inspiration and fills all our imagination, yet we can also organise it for you elsewhere, if you can offer to be the local partner for the logistcs etc.

Prices are seasonal, please contact us directly to inquire what applies in that moment and importantly, what it is that you need and want for your team.

The atelier requires organisation, development of material and time investment, as well as local coordination. We do not make a profit as a foundation; we only cover our honest salaries, and costs in the total price of the atelier per person.

The price agreed is all-inclusive, and is a fixed price per person all inclusive (ie. not dependent on group size, and excl. flight, which may vary depending on distance, hence best arranged by participants themselves), but fluctuates depending on the time needed to design and develop your unique curriculum on the ground.

Why not give us a call to dialogue and listen, what specific arrangements you would need?

If you are an employer - such as a dean of a faculty - and would be interested in the atelier as a pedagogical retreat or training of trainers (ToT) for your lecturers, professors, a new educational consortium, PHD students or otherwise, feel free to contact us, telling us what you you need, so that we can think alongside you and co-create an atelier.

There are often more financing possibilities than you are aware of at first glance. You may want to use employees’ annual development grant for this purpose. We can also co-lab with you to organise an atelier as a retreat in your specific setting/country.

Feel free to email or call our lead and independent senior advisor, directly.
+31 6 42 47 29 69

Your host Rina. She is inviting you with a warm welcome of local produce and dishes, and hospitality. Photo: Azienda Agricula Agrituristica.

We are here especially for you as unique professional, to come alongside you and partner with you, as you work on a (architecture / urban / development / policy / land / water / climate) curriculum, so that you can offer effective and resilient education in its simplest form.

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Prefer to have direct contact?
Feel free:
Tikvah Breimer (MSc MAEd MSc)
Independent senior advisor, teacher trainer, lead
+31 6 42 47 29 69

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We are here especially for you as unique course/training coordinator, to come alongside you and partner with you, as you work on a (architecture / urban / development / policy / land / water / climate) curriculum, so that you can offer effective and resilient education in its simplest form.

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