Photo: Breimer 2015 during Erasmus Exchange as a university lecturer. Atelier on rooftop of Istanbul Technical University. First year students are not allowed to use their computer for the entire first year of their programme in arcitecture, and instead, must discover afresh material, dimension, art. See also our paper Breimer, Brown, Slob 2021 (available open source under publications).

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What makes a face to face and blenced experience go over and beyond just flipping the classroom? We’re exploring it, by already begin to experiment.

Unstructure time can be very intensive due to deep and fast interactions with a trainer and peers in diaogue or games, or, at the other end of the spectrum, creative rest. Again: it depends on what you design for.

To constrast with the very (almost extremely) structured learning experience online - for adult education, in person, physical time of learning, can be actually more effective, when taught in an unstructured way. Allowing to dwell on an issue that is strongly felt in the group, on experiences shared - whilst all throughout ensuring the learning objectives.

What is the transformative power of the lived experience - real presence? Of art? These kind of approaches are invaluable in transdisciplinary settings, of co-creation of knowledge, going beyond just written outputs - like wanting real impact of sustainability, including other sides of the brain in learning.

It relates to so called informal learning, that is part of innovative pedagogy such as learning ecologies (see StudiOpedia). 

It relates to the atelier, to craftmanship, the hand-heart-head connection, such as in ateliers (to contrast screen work, understanding with your hands). The atelier is a unique place of craftmanship. By working with our hands on a product – we make a hand-heart-head connection as the philosopher and sociologist Sennett (2008) explains. The atelier is typically full of all kinds of tools, each with their own purpose – one that you must first familiarize yourself with, and practice with, until you reach the level of the master which is part of a lifelong enjoyment of learning and growth.

Ultimately, it relates to authentic learning.

At StudioBlended we actively engage in experimentations and pedagogical innovations.

For an academic client, it may be a blended approach, that takes the face to face immersion further online with a graphic designer. 

For a company it may be to create a space of unstructured time, with the aim to let our senses surprise us, the aim for aliveness, the present moment, creating new moments, asynchronous unstructured time, the invaluable interpersonal connections (even with strangers), deep listening, dialogue, opening up the imagination, setting the atmosphere (lush and calming), different sides of the brain, lasting memories.

Page under construction. We are already active in this field, stay tuned or have a look under ‘what clients say about us’.

We are here especially for you as unique educational professional, to come alongside you as you work on the curriculum design of your module, course, training or degree, so that you can offer good and resilient educationin all simplicity.

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