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StudiOpedia is a place you can go. It offers a finite methodology of 25 modules. Through the modular approach and the accompanying opportunities for teacher training, you can create your own learning pathway and your own learning ecology. Eventually, the aim is to create your own living workplace of ‘form aids function’ formats that work for you, in resilient curriculum design. Here you see the ‘fit for purpose’ design of the orchideorama realized in the botanical garden in Medellin by PLAN :B. Likewise, our approach to curriculum design is fit for purpose.
Photo copyright: Cristobal Palma

StudiOpedia is the (work)place to go for educational professionals who want to receive teacher training in our unique fit for purpose and finite methodology for curriculum design.

StudiOpedia resonates with our strategic approach in advice on curriculum (re-)design.

Here, we train through our audio podcast ‘How to design a resilient curriculum’ (Acast, Spotify, Apple, Soundcloud). If you want more, we offer various possibilities for bespoke advice, tailored for your unique nature, content and setting.

Enter the extraordinary world of StudiOpedia. Where the most essential ‘form aids function’ lenses, formats, principles and frameworks for curriculum design, are transformed into a living workplace. Here, technical and human resilience come together, with our signature brain-based angle to curriculum design. 

We bring back simplicity, the delight of the essence of teaching, of knowing, that you are enough, because you meet the essentials in your teaching. Freeing time up for you, to be fully present in teaching (and also to attend to your research and projects/activism).

We take a more human, more technical, artistic and contemporary angle than teacher training at a traditional institute, and focus purely on design, since we believe from there development and delivery too are transformed. Our training is always complementary to any teacher academy at your campus.

How it works
StudiOpedia is completely modular. There is no particular order; every module is a stand alone with intrinsic value; the workplace unfolds as you start to combine the modules.

At the bottom of this page, you find the dynamic StudiOpedia, which is built up over time and delivered with a rolling wave approach. The transcripts of the audio podcast episodes appear here too, to couple the recording. 

And, coupled with every module, you always find the option to get actual advice, right for where you are. When it comes to blended design, we strongly believe in continuous professionalisation on the job, as you run into issues, challenges. That’s why, every module is also an opportunity for you, to professionalise by ensuring you get bespoke advice, tailored for your unique nature, content and setting.

When can you begin?
You can step in at any moment in time, either to tune in to an audio podcast on your favorite streaming channel in a moment convenient for you. Or to join our monthly open access ZOOM audio realms, for peer to peer and expert exchange specifically in the South of Europe.
We are here especially for you as unique educational professional, to come alongside you as you work on the curriculum design of your module, course, training or degree, so that you can offer good and resilient education in the long run.

Special edition episode:
‘Blended: reenvisioing ‘face to face’ time’

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Release Oct 24 ‘22        

Where to begin, to design with a blended approach? Today's special edition episode is all about the premium time that face to face has become in education, and how you can use it, to design with qualitative guidelines of flexibility and accessibility, and pedagogy unique for your content. You need a bespoke approach. Allow this episode to bring you simplicity. 

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’The actual practice of curriculum design’
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Release Oct 7 ‘22, episode 1 StudiOpedia       

Today we delve into the actual practice of curriculum design:

1) The start of every sound teacher training: unlearn to go by intuition and emotion. Ensure a robust fundament with technique and pedagogy.
2) What curriculum is, and what learning design is.
3) Become aware of this fascinating organ, the brain – how does it learn best, how does it remember, how are lasting memories and deep understanding created – by design?
4) Get into a new routine, and skill yourself to design well.

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Trailer ‘How to design a resilient curriculum’
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Release Sept 2 ‘22, trailer StudiOpedia       

Introduction to StudiOpedia, the (work)place to go for teacher training in resilient curriculum design. 

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The agile team behind StudiOpedia
Executive production and teacher training by Tikvah Breimer (Msc MEd MSc)
Independent senior advisor and teacher trainer
Phone +31 6 42 47 29 69 (workphone)

Proofreading of sylllabus and speeches by Veronica Olivotto,

PhD Candidate Public and Urban Policy, New School, NYC 
Graphic design and art, sound by Lucas Rampazzo.
Module ‘orientation’ edited by Jane Longley.

Initial audio and podcast production, trailer speech production, and ongoing audio production advice by Paolo Destilo, Europematters.
Launch Sept 2, 2022 together with Atefeh Aghaee, Blended learning developer and advisor for the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment, Technical University Delft (TU/D), The Netherlands
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