The StudiOpedia is a finite methodology. It resembles a Japanese museum of working with wood, and eventually can become your own living workplace of ‘form aids function formats/lenses’ that work for you, in curriculum design. Here you see the museum of wood, in Mikata Hyogo Japan. From: 100 contemporary wood buildings. Taschen, Multilingual edition, 2021. Philip Jodidio, p. 47
Find an overview here (forthcoming summer 2022).

The audio podcasts of each module, will appear here monthly as of the new academic year (link to audio + transcript).

Teacher training by Tikvah Breimer (Msc MEd MSc), lead and senior consultant at StudioBlended

Advisory by Veronica Olivotto, PhD Candidate Public and Urban Policy, New School, NYC.

Module instructions exclusively edited by Jane Longley.

Graphic design and art by Lucas Rampazzo.

Audio and podcast production by Paolo Destilo, Europematters.

Base in the South of the South of Europe, Department of Architecture DiARC UNINA Naples, Italy.

We are here especially for you. Keep asking: does it make sense? #StudioBlended Simplicity and Resilience up to a decade. This is your day, in your life - enjoy every moment.

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