Sneak previews.... a little drawing by Tikvah Breimer (MSc MEd MSc) of our logo envisioned, as the idea sparked to create this network, and it became a co-creation within our core team.

Drawing by hand - just envisioning - by Tikvah Breimer, photography Oway Italy.

And the artistic interpretation of our Sao Paulo based graphic designer, Lucas Rampazzo:

The network has its base in the South, of the South of Europe - Napels, and as such is co-created with dr. Mattia Leone, architect and assistant professor, and Roberta Mele, also architect and teacher. Advisory from Veronica Olivotto PhD candidate.

StudioBlended will operate as the lead of the network, in the person of Tikvah Breimer (MSc MEd MSc), senior consultant and teacher trainer.

The network will connect Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece (incl Cyprus), organically, over the coming decade(s).

We are currently working on scenario’s to envision the network’s arrows and horizon, members -

Stay tuned.

Or perhaps you’re just looking for an artistic take on your ideas or courses - feel free to approach Lucas directly. 

All StudioBlended’s resilience course certificates will be affiliated as qualification within this European Network, which is all about capacity development of university lecturers, and will take our resilience methodology and movement as a point of departure - and horizon.

Official launch of the SouthSouthEuropeanNetwork is in our event in the Future of Europe Conference on February 25, and flows from the publication of our paper on envisioning higher blended education in post-lockdown Europe, along the north-south divide.

Curious? Passionate about higher education in the South of Europe too as a lecturer or specialist? About resilience, and teacher training in this context?
Feel free to connect Tikvah directly to make an appointment for a call 

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