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Italy, Spain, Portugal and Greece, seen with new eyes - from the sea. Art by Lucas Rampazzo.

The idea for a South South European network for university teachers, originates from the time that lockdowns started lifting, and we woke up to a new Europe in higher education. Does it make sense - to believe, the South is in the unique and optimal position to develop capacity, in the South?

We take our time to explore this well.

Our approach / philosophy is centered on resilience, teacher training of university teachers and South-South capacity development and exchange. 

To ground the exploration, our umbrella is ‘climate’.

Why South-South
We approach the North and South of Europe without compartmentalising the regions, but rather seeing the fluidity of their borders, and exploring each other’s worlds, history, present experiences, needs, ideas and hopes. You can see this beautifully reflected in the graphic art created especially for the event, in which Lucas Rampazzo sees the South with new eyes, from the sea, and as a single borderless line.

We aspire to connect Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece (incl Cyprus), organically and fluidly without borders - as artistically shown in the graphic work created uniquely by Lucas Rampazzo.

Our pilot with the Japanese Future Design format going into a synchronous playground, during the event - operates as a participatory action research (PAR) and infuses the orientation of our exploration.

The envisioned network exists of researchers and university teachers (which are not mutually exclusive and even seasonal).

StudioBlended will operate as the lead of the network, in the person of Tikvah Breimer (MSc MEd MSc), lead and founder of the foundation and senior consultant and teacher trainer.

Veronica Olivotto (PhD candidate), Expert Climate Change Risk and Adaptation, is advisor to the network.

The envisioned network has its base in the South, of the South of Europe - and as such is infuesed with insights by dr. Mattia Leone, architect and associate professor, Department of Architecture (DiARC) University of Naples Federico II, Italy. Also co-director of the Urban Climate Change Research Network - European Hub (UCCRN) and  Coordinator Erasmus+ UCCRN-EDU project.

Curious? Passionate about higher education in the South of Europe too as a lecturer or specialist? About resilience, and teacher training in this context?

Feel free to connect Tikvah directly to make an appointment for a call 

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