Organic training
“The right questions for the right time, and relevant people around the table to answer the questions” Veronica Olivotto, Italy, PhD candidate The New School, New York.

“Brilliant initiative!“ Geoffrey Payne, International Advisor at World Bank, Architect, Senior Visiting Lecturer

“The organic training makes me reflect on my own thinking, my own process - and be able to immediately apply it to what I’m doing on a daily basis. It give me a solid basis, very foundational. And, it refreshes training I’ve had before-  reiterates it, reaffirms, fundamental things - such as constructive alignment - which perhaps otherwise would slip away in my memory.”
Ellen Geurts, Lecturer Building Economics, Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment.

“With such hard daily news [in our country], teachers are those who suffer more during the pandemic. I think every day about how lucky I am of participating in this experience with you! The trainings and conversations have been therapeutic and healing! It is bringing me back to the joy of teaching and I want you to know it!” Patricia Samora, Full Professor from Sao Paulo, Brazil

Our organic trainings are much like a radio broadcast around the table. Join us on Google Meet [Link via Email]. Who is joining the table today?

The idea of the ‘organic trainings’ is to allow you to develop your capacity as a teacher in a more organic way, in between obligations you have elsewhere.

Each of the ‘organic trainings’ is grounded in resilience - an essential human capability for the present and future work of university professionals.

The encounter starts off with a brief teaching on technique or pedagogy by our lead consultant and teacher trainer Tikvah Breimer (MSc MEd MSc). Then the space is open, to exchange ideas on whatever the teaching triggered. This set up has proven to be a wonderful concept in our resilience course.

The issues we tackle, are pressing matters as experienced and raised by lecturers, and the material comes from the resilience course. It has a cycle of 5 essential issues - see Linktree 


‘Organic trainings’ are set up bi/weekly on Fridays at 16.00 pm (CEST Italian-Amsterdam time zone), and relationships are built between lecturers and institutions across the North/South divide in Europe.

It is possible to join in a spontaneous way even at last moment, the meeting invitation is sent on Friday morning. A good start to the weekend.

Safety is immensely important for deep learning, which is why the organic trainings are not recorded. If you missed an issue, it will come back in the cycle in a couple of weeks. This way we have authentic interactions.

What inspired StudioBlended to organise this?

We believe in a very organic, incremental way of training teachers on the job. We do this simply, because of the reality of what makes sense to them time-wise, but also, because the human brain is very much wired to learn incrementally.

We also believe, in not walking alone but in companionship with professional peers.

‘It is possible to travel alone. But we know the journey is human life. And life needs company. Companion is the one who eats the same bread’.
Dom Helder Camara, Recife, Brazil.

‘Only dialogue truly communicates’ 
Paolo Freire 1965.

‘What is more refreshing than light?’, ‘The conversation,’ Goethe 1795

Our ‘organic trainings’ were sparked by the ambassadorship of the lead senior consultant/teacher trainer of StudioBlended for the Erasmus+ Generation during the Future of Europe Conference 2021/2022.

The regional focus is along the North/South divide in Europe - the Netherlands with Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece. Initially we focus especially on Italy, since GaragErasmus is based here (Milan).

The ‘organic trainings’ form the incremental run up to an event for the Future of Europe Conference, which is centered on “seeing ‘live’ with new eyes - the new value and meaning of ‘live’ in higher education”.

Read more about this new meaning and value of ‘live’ in the paper we recently published for this largest ever citizen-consultation in Europe.

Follow the run-up to this event on LinkedIn.  Send our teacher trainer a DM to join the next organic training

The ‘organic trainings’ on Google Meet are offered for free.

What to expect in 2021/2022:

- Lots of space to listen, tell, exchange, refresh earlier training, in a safe space [no recordings]

- A time to develop your own capacity organically, become more resilient technically, and truly enjoy a lifelong teaching and growth throughout your career.

The organic trainings are a good way to get a feel, whether this is something for you, and if you wish - start developing your capacity from there - StudioBlended has plenty of options to suit your needs.

You can easily couple the organic trainings with a ‘fit for purpose package’ or a ‘punctual inverventions card’. They can be used in a modular way so that if you wish you can even get a certificate for having completed the resilience course. A more compact way to take that course is to join us in Italy, for the 1 week atelier and retreat in the European spring.

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