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Online is where a spectrum of possibilities and opportunities opens. How to keep it simple - about the essence?

We see:
1. Blended
2. Bichronous
3. Asynchronous
4. Facilitated
5. Technology and the visual screen


As lockdowns lift, we wake up to a new world - a world in a liminal space. We must all find our way in this changed world, including, do something with ‘blended’. Even if you are reluctant and would prefer to go back to how things were before: you cannot deny that the impact of lockdowns affects all our education in lasting ways.

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At StudioBlended we deeply believe in the new value and meaning of ‘face to face’ time in teaching - and if it cannot be ‘face to face’, then let it be sychronous (real-time).  

Our approach to remote teaching and learning therefore always includes synchronous teaching; we consciously do not specialise in fully self-paced remote courses.

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This is about working within technology / behind a screen (or even away from it), but - not connected. It is about undivided attention, about flow. 

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Bad remote learning, looks like bad E-learning from back in the days: uploading PDFs, and endless ZOOM calls with too large groups. The other extreme may be Mass Online Open Courses (MOOCs), which typically have extremely low completion rates, as students are left to themselves in ‘self-paced’ online envrionments. If the MOOCs are in fact successful, possibly they also cost a fortune to design and develop, with a lot of hidden costs.

Let us show you a smarter way in your golden triangle of quality, time and cost investment. What makes effective distance learning for larger groups? Allow us to introduce you to good remote learning, which uses faciliation rather than synchronous sessions with the teacher.

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How do you structure the learning journey you envision for a learner - when blending ‘online’ with ‘face to face’, or even only online? This includes not just curriculum content, but also the schedule, communication, feedback, and assessment.

What environment are your learners, and your teachers, regularly entering online? Does it over-stimulate the brain, or does it bring calm and allow for undivided attention and flow?

How do you integrate pedagogical innovations that came out of technological advancements, and were consolidated during world-wide lockdowns? Such as, learning ecologies, learner autonomy, modular approaches?

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We are here especially for you as unique professional, to come alongside you and partner with you, as you work on a (climate / urban) curriculum, so that you can offer good and resilient education in all simplicity.

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