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‘I had the opportunity to work with Tikvah in May 2021 when I was working for UN-Habitat as legal specialist. I was designing a capacity development programme on policy and legal drafting for the Ministry of Urban Planning and Housing of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Tikvah provided pro bono advice on how to develop a blended programme for the Ministry blending in-country sessions with on line and off-line activities. It was extremely useful and easy to work with her. Tikvah helped me appreciate the opportunities blended trainings can offer to overcome the difficulties of the COVID-19 pandemic and improve the impact of capacity building activities. She quickly understood the programme needs and challenges and proposed workable solutions.’

Projectlead Gianluca Crispi . Tikvah Breimer gave advice regarding the set-up of a first envisioned pilot (design phase) by introducing a blended approach to an in-country capacity development training at a ministry of urbanism in DRC. Period: spring/summer in Europe 2021.

Photo: Medellin, Breimer 2020

Did you even realise, that with the arrival of the post-lockdown world you must completely re-design all your existing in-country and remote trainings? And did you also realise this is a great opportunity to look at your trainings and make them healthier in terms of the golden triangle of cost, time and quality? There is a whole spectrum of opportunities opening up for you; whether you engage in in-country trainings, or in trainings from one city/region to another.

The blended approach, a thoughtful integration of online and ‘live’ learning and teaching, needs to run through your entire curricula, and all the existing activities and sessions you have. ‘In-person time (such as in workshops in-country) has new value and meaning and must be seen with new eyes and optimised. Whilst remote learning and teaching –also require technique, and pedagogy  in order to be truly effective in your program.

Did you also realise, that this means none of the design logics you had before the worldwide lockdowns in terms of time/attention cost investment makes sense anymore? Did you realise that therefore you need a complete reimagining of your budget and time financial sheets? This means a shift in time division (design vs. development and delivery vs. learning), to the required trainer capacity, travel schedules and costs, venues and learning platforms.

We have the capacity you need. Both in qualitative technical and pedagogical curriculum design, and in the logical thinking of finance and time to realise it effectively. Our approach is that of pragmatic idealism, moreover, based on over a decade of experience with trainings, we are always searching for the optimum in your specific case, between quality and cost/time investment, - including the logical ways in which senior staff vs. junior staff is included on all layers (budget, schedule).

Shelf material that can be used in modular ways is crucial for in-country trainings. It allows trainers to jump in quickly if needed during a program, and feel the calm that mature technical design brings, and the logic of healthy set up in terms of finance and time. Also, qualitative shelf material, saves you immense investments in design and development. It allows us to dust off existing shelf material with your teachers/trainers/program managers and to reenvision them for the post-lockdown world.

Allow us likewise, to come alongside you, to also envision the new vital trainings you need in the rapidly changing post lockdown world, ensuring both simplicity and resilience up to a decade.

We transform the approach, by placing your technical content strategically in paradigm/hype cycles, to ensure we design decade strong material. We have a modular open building approach, fit for purpose, – to learn more, have a look under employers.

Have a look at a talk Tikvah Breimer, independent senior consultant, gave at the Joint Research Centre (JRC) of the European Commission, about paradigms and hype cycles. The illustration is that of urban expansion vs. containment and making room for urban beyond the city. A field, a riddle, always still evolving, such as when we realise that biodiversity and the peri urban poor collide.

By reenvisioning the material in terms of the golden triangle of time/attention, quality and cost, - we completely transform the accompanying budget, capacity and planning for you and show you what makes sense, where your trade-offs are. We work in a pragmatic idealist way, from our own first-hand experience on these jobs.

The opportunity cost of your time and investments, are always on our minds. We long to ensure that time and attention spent by your highly qualitative training and program staff, is spent effectively so that also, the enjoyment of teaching can come out.

And once the training is delivered, we are strong on learning and feeding that back into the design to consolidate your trainings, coming both from an educational angle, and a program management angle. We can come alongside you to advise how to set up meaningful assessment of impact.

As part of our approach, if you wish, we can simultaneously and organically develop capacity on the job. From our side, we too, are always open to learning, after all this rapidly changing field is best captured in teamwork, not alone. This means that our senior independent consultant works closely with your expert technical team, and ICT experts (etc.) or we may bring in our own agile team.

For exclusive clients, we can even travel with you to pilot shelf/new trainings. To be their observing eyes, and give feedback both on the teacher / trainer, which feeds back into the curriculum design and the financial and time planning. Together we evaluate and see how to bring outcomes back into a subsequent pilot, or consolidate into shelf material which lasts for a decade.

A structured design for a Learning Management System (be it Moodle or Brightspace) is absolutely essential for an effective learning experience. Material is designed to ensure instructions and content are clearly accessible to teachers and trainers. Expressing the purpose and goals of the training in the clearest way possible is vital.

Our work with clients who embark on in-country trainings for professionals, is deeply grounded in the extensive experience of our lead senior consultant, Tikvah Breimer.
It is her close involvement with teacher training within the SouthSouthEuropean network for university teachers, coupled with her broad experience in non-western countries, that create Tikvah Breimer’s unique capacity to come alongside your trainers too, or design and develop your training material. The South of Europe in many ways, faces limitations and opportunities unique for the region but equally inspiring for cross-learning in other regions. A good example is when the Internet is weak and learning platforms that are common in northern Europe do not work in an acceptable way or even make matters worse but a ready-made solution is not close at hand. Or when learners use their smartphone for online learning, what does this means for design and development?

We are strong in inventiveness and problem-solving, tapping in to not only our own expertise and experience, but also that of senior experts in our professional network.

In principle our senior independent consultant Tikvah Breimer comes alongside with consultancy/advice, or develops capacity, in line with our values, to work in an agile way and for a season. We can also put together an agile team especially for you, to solve your issue and realise a certain deliverable. Have a look at the technical and regional fields we work in. Have a look at our platform here, to see the expertise we offer, incl. editor, graphic designer, financial advisor, academic climate advisor.

For a tailored CV for Tikvah Breimer, feel free to contact her directly or have a look at her LinkedIn.

For a full CV of Tikvah Breimer, feel free to contact her directly or have a look at her LinkedIn.

Countries/Cities Tikvah Breimer worked in / with remotely*:
Europe (London, Italy, Spain)

Middle East (Tel Aviv, Cairo, Istanbul, Diyarbakir (action planning), Marrakech)

Central/Latin America (Nicaragua (anthropological fieldwork), Brazil (fieldwork, training), Quito, Medellin. 

Africa (South Africa (teaching, architectural fieldwork), Zambia (field visit, large program start up workshop), Ethiopia*, Uganda (field visit), Malawi*, Nigeria (remote mission and teacher training for a large program).

Asia (Katmandu).

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