In-company: Learning and Development (L&D) 
and Training of Trainers (ToT)

The field of in-company trainings is perhaps our most experimental clientwork, completely tailored to your unique needs and identity as a client. We are very much open to envisioning with you, and as a studio have a solid interdisciplinary agile team ready.

Do you recognise this?
You believe in your mission and projects, but your staff is not yet able to communicate a solid story with custumers/clients.

Are you seeking a way to make your employees better understand the mission, value system and activities of your company/foundation? Not just that: would you like them to be able to effectively teach that back to your customers/clients? To be able to better justify the added value of your product/service in the market?

Consider creating a Learning & Development (L&D) track for them.

Such an in-company training can also be a wonderful way for employees to identify more with your brand/company, to feel a stronger sense of belonging and to feel seen. It creates the opportunity for continuous growth, for better performance, and with that greater enjoyment of the job. It can in fact, impact retention in a positive way.

What can you expect from StudioBlended?

StudioBlended is able to independently take the lead on the project, to take time and frustration out of your hands. We do so from initiation through to deliverable outcomes. We will work incrementally, and involve you in key moments of the project, whilst we keep an open dialogue with you.

Equally, coming from a project management angle, we are down-to-earth, using common sense and always aim to optimise your golden triangle, of quality, time and cost investment.

What makes our Studio unique, is that we always work (interdisciplinarily) from within a technical field, and use a pedagogy that resonates with and comes from within the actual content expertise. In other words: we don’t give generic educational ‘tricks’. We always design in close dialogue with your own experts and training staff and offer technical advice in terms of educational design.

StudioBlended focuses on technical and human resilience (of your training staff) and on simplicity. We use a brain-based angle (from neuroscience): how does the brain learn most optimally? How does the brain best remember what is learnt for the long term (instead of forgetting it)? Find more on our unique methodology for effective teaching under StudiOpedia.

The size of the project is entirely up to you as a client. It may vary from a minimal assignment, whereby we simply meet your training staff and employees (remotely or face to face) at key moments, up to a comprehensive project that may involve training needs assessment, to design for differentiation between employees (learning ecosystems to personalise learning) and peer learning. It can even include travelling to relevant project sites, to gain an in-depth understanding for pedagogical purposes such as authentic assessment (based on real-world) situations, and to create (creative) content.

Since we work agile, we can team up with your expert staff, if you wish. For instance, with your company’s designers that work with your ‘house style’, or technical staff such as IT or your artistic staff, such as photographers and creative content creators.

One of the reasons we have a special interest in in-company trainings, is because of the freedom in structuring the learning journey. This opens up so many possibilities for our inventiveness for you as a client. Have a look at our page Learning management system (LMS) to get an idea of the approach we envision as an agile platform.
The teacher / trainer has central stage and even there, there is a range of options regarding how, when, how often. Elegance and visual calm meet a sector where perhaps such an approach to the learning environment is less common.

Another aspect, is that we will advise you not to go for purely self-paced remote trainings. Like with Mass Open Online Courses (MOOC), these are not actually very effective or meaningful (see this article for instance) and miss out on the wonderful side-benefits an in-company learning journey brings. Rather, we come alongside you and design for an either blendedbichronous(asynchronous + synchronous) or face to face training in a way that optimises ‘live’ time.

Our teacher trainer, Tikvah Breimer (MSc MEd MSc) has extensive experience in design, development and delivery, in academia and in-country trainings. She is also well versed with being a project lead. She now uses this background as a cross-over for in-company trainings.

Whenever desirable, we can also design, develop and execute actual teacher training for your training staff, in the form of a Training of Trainers (ToT) based on the in-company training developed. The possibilities are vast, and we would love to open up the dialogue with you to discover what you need.

We promote lean learning on a project. As stated in our manifesto, piloting and incremental approaches are how we are wired. We can confidently guide you through this cycle as well. We advise you to start small, learn, improve, and scale. Typically, we recommend two pilots before consolidating a training. We design in a resilient way, meaning the trainings are adaptable and modular in order to follow your development as a company too.

We place great value on a fruitful professional relationship with our client, and really “getting under the skin” of what your company/foundation is about. This greatly improves the design of trainings. Hence, our in-company work spans multiple seasons typically, but as stated in our manifesto, we look at what makes sense with you as a client one season at a time and realign.

Since we are a foundation, in principle, we work exclusively for clients that are non- profit, such as foundations or think-tanks. If you have any doubts, or other needs, feel free to contact us directly

We are here especially for you in technical / human resilience and simplicity by design. #StudioBlended Keep asking: does it make sense? This is your day, in your life - enjoy every moment.

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