In-company (remote, in person, blended/hybrid)

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Are you an employer, and would you like to train your employees via an in-company training?

StudioBlended works in a spectrum of technical fields, and is able to design, develop such a training for you in close interaction with your experts. 

StudioBlended is envisioning a more essential, effective way of learning and development for your staff. Resilience and simplicity. Optimalisation of your golden triangle, of quality, time and cost investment. And we are very much open to envisioning with you, as a company or organisation.

Meanwhile, do have a look at our approaches for live time optimisation, remote (self paced) teaching and learning, bichornous and blended teaching and learning - as well as our take on a Learning management system (LMS) to get an idea of the approach we envision.

Stay tuned.

We are here especially for you. Keep asking: does it make sense? #StudioBlended Simplicity and Resilience up to a decade. This is your day, in your life - enjoy every moment.


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