“You [Tikvah] are able to learn/absorb the subject that I’m trying to produce, and you transform it to a methodological angle, and organise it is such a way that it directs me, and I can do things in a more effective and efficient way”.
Tannya Pico, PhD candidate doing research into Nature Based Solutions (NBS) and transdisciplinarity, from Quito, Ecuador  Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies (IHS), Erasmus University, Rotterdam

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Image: quick sketch of the elements of a ‘fit for purpose’ card. Click to expand. Model created by Breimer during the Erasmus+ programme DigtelPro, based on  TU Delft / WP Dijkstra.

When it comes to blended design, we strongly believe in continuous professionalisation on the job, as you run into issues, challenges. That’s why, working on an actual design, right where you are at now, is also an opportunity for you, to professionalise by ensuring you get bespoke advice, tailored for your unique nature, content and setting.

Our competitive advice package for university teachers, is fit for purpose, and offers punctual interventions. It is part of our vision for capacity building in higher education. We strongly believe in continuous professionalisation on the job, as you run into issues and challenges.

Do you have to design, develop and deliver a (new) lecture, session, module, or workshop/atelier?

Did you never get the time, or chance to follow a teacher training/qualification?

Haven’t you worked with blended before and technology - past emergency education online?

And are you pressed on time, so that a full teacher training is too much to ask now?

As StudioBlended we came up with something especially for you: the ‘fit for purpose advice package’.

Its unique quality is that you can already begin, regardless of your setting and context, to technically improve your teaching design and your technical skills on the job.

Why not ask your employer to support you? Have a look here why we believe that makes total sense.

1. Our ‘fit for purpose’ advice consists of a package.
We follow this simple set-up if you’re designing or developing:

1.     30 - 60 min onboarding (our independent senior advisor listens to your problem, to understand where you are stuck, what you’re trying to do).

2. You send a one-page document with a more specific explanation of your issue.

3. 1-hour alongside advice giving you several alternatives - if possible in a live meeting, alternatively in a call. Suggestions for modules from the StudiOpedia (audio podcasts and assignments) where relevant to equip you with technique.

4. You choose one alternative, and work on the actual design / development and send it in as a draft or (depending on your issue) send in a final plan for the way forward.

5. Final advice, if possible in a face to face meeting, alternatively in a call.

Price: the ‘fit for purpose’ advice package costs 250,- euro net upfront (excl. VAT).

Transport compensation If you meet in person with the teacher trainer, and there are travel costs involved, these are to be met by the client.

Timing: throughout the academic year.

Valid: The competitive package is valid throughout 1-2 seasons as fits your situation - we want to be here especially for you, when you need it. We follow your organic pace, but if you need us too – we can also stimulate you to actually ensure finalisation and a certain due date. 

Have a look at the technical fields Tikvah Breimer (MSc MEd MSc) usually works in content-wise, so that you can be assured you do not start from scratch but can interact “high over”, using your own technical words/worldview (discourse/paradigm) and get right to the essence of where you’re stuck.


We are here especially for you as unique educational professional, to come alongside you as you work on the curriculum design of your module, course, training or degree, so that you can offer good and resilient education in the long run.

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