Fit for Purpose: pragmatic idealism

The orchid exhibition facilities of the Botanical Garden of Medellin are located at 1,540 meters above sea level, and were constructed in 2006-7.

'The Orchideorama by PLAN:B is composed of ten "flower tree" structures, which can be built individually, allowing the system to grow or respond to uncertainties, such as budgetary constraints, construction problems, or political decisions. Different areas are intended for small temporary gardens, orchids, exotic and tropical flowers, and for birds or butterflies.'
Philip Jodidio. 2021. 100 Contemporary Wood Buildings. Taschen, Koln. P. 418

‘The building is a canopy. it is neither an empty nave nor a free plan; it is rather a shed or foliage with intermittent supports gathering gardens. This allows mixing and blurring the different activities to which the orchideorama is subject with vegetation, the fauna and the weather of the botanical Garden: birds and plants exhibitions, weddings, concerts, fashion shows or gastronomic festivals enjoy the garden instead of being isolated from it.’ PLAN:B arquitectos
As such, our approach to curriculum design stands out, for being grounded in a pragmatic idealist ‘fit for purpose’ approach.

You can already begin regardless of the overall context, and our open building framework offers you a resilient technical structure.

You are the one to find the optimum way to continue to work with it, consolidate it, in your unique context over time.

Breimer first encountered the term ‘fit for purpose‘ from land administration, when she was working as a lecturer herself, and here it refers to the cadastre. The ‘fit for purpose’ methodology emerged due to the problems with existing land administration approaches outside Europe. Cadastral mapping and land registration activities are often slow, expensive, and reliant on a few skilled professionals. The aim is to achieve complete coverage and overview as a first pass. It is not about focusing solely on accurate measurements. It is about getting a complete documentation and identification of all land and improving over time, via legal requirements, enhancing spatial accuracy, and institutional processes (Unger & Bennett).

Likewise, the open building framework developed by Breimer for (blended) curriculum design, is ‘fit for purpose’ and able to give you as a teacher the overall technical framework that will be solid ground for decades to come - even if StudioBlended moves out, or conditions change. It is open enough to incorporate whatever new direction you choose in your learning ecology over time. And it is robust enough, to give you the essential minimal fundamentals, for any design to be resilient. 

It even allows you to play.

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We are here especially for you in technical and human resilience by design. Equipping you with the essence, with simplicity in curriculum design for teaching. #StudioBlended Keep asking: does it make sense? This is your day, in your life - enjoy every moment.

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