Photo: Azienda Agricola Agrituristica 

Eu gostaria de ser lembrado como alguem que amou o mundo, as pessoas, os bichos, as arvores, a terra, a agua, a vida.
Paulo Freire.

I would like to be remembered as someone who loves the world, people, animals, the trees, the land, the water, life.
Paulo Freire, Brazilian Pedagogue.

Meet the architect and pedagogue Battista Mino who together with his wife Rina Sciumbata set up an Agriturismo - an Italian bed and breakfast which includes growing the vegetables and fruit that are served daily. He specialises in biodynamic agriculture, and can explain how to grow a zucchini like no one can - including the skies, and the soil. You should be there, face to face, with him, in his field, to deeply understand it.

Image: envisioning excercise in ‘live time optimisation’ during our resilience course. One of the participating teachers made this drawing for her course design, using a playful sketch of a blended learning wave. Tannya Pico, PhD candidate doing research into Nature Based Solutions (NBS) and transdisciplinarity, from Quito, Ecuador

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At StudioBlended we deeply believe in the new value and meaning of ‘face to face’ time in teaching.

In fact, in curriculum design with clients, we actually start with the ‘face to face’ experience, and advise how to design a learning journey from there. 

Rather than a dichotomy – either face to face OR remote education, the two become intertwined in a meaningful way when we look at how to optimize ‘face to face’ time with participants in your training/teaching.

That way, not only your pedagogy, and your ‘blended’ design, but equally your resilience, and your golden triangle of quality, time and investment as a client, make sense. 

Are you involved in capacity development of professionals and about to organise a training in-country, or even an expert training for participants who fly in?


Are you an academic coordinator at university and considering a lecture, a workshop, an atelier - or even a whole course or degree?

Allow us, to come alongside you, and with you to optimize ‘face to face’ time. 

What do we mean with the new value and meaning of ‘face to face’ in education? We go over and beyond, the common ‘flipping the classroom’.

Do you recognize the following:

After prolonged lockdowns, and remote collaborations, nothing is as wonderful, as the possibility to train and teach learners in person, on location again. ‘Face to face’ is more special than ever. And participants too, will look forward to being able to follow a training in-person again, to travel.

At the same time, participants may expect to be able to partly participate remotely, in a self-paced manner, especially those modules that are mostly about knowledge. They may even make a different time/cost balance for their travelling and investment in their calendar as a consequence. Or the world may still be in turmoil, and travelling not always as simple. The climate impact of travelling may be unjustifyable.

In other words, face to face teaching/training now needs to be justified: flexibility in learning is assumed, both by the learners - and by your own teaching/training staff.

So, what is the way forward?

At StudioBlended we have a deep love for robust, world-class pedagogy, and are fascinated with how neuroscience shows us, that the brain learns best and lasting memories and deep understanding is formed. In fact, regardless of groundbreaking pedagogical innovations that came out of technological advancements and were further consolidated through the world-wide lockdowns: time-robust pedagogy reveals us that some things can only truly be comprehended, or aquired (skills, capabilities), face to face. Experiencing interactions with all our human senses, feeling the atmosphere, making the human connection with experts and peers – all such things are rarely possible remotely, and engrain deep understanding. The aim would be reach the ability in learners to ‘transfer’ such deep understanding, to new settings.

We must also understand afresh the meaning of the physical environment for deep learning. A field, a laboratory, an atelier, a venue – the time spent here can be designed to enhance deep learning and actively engage participants.

What is more, deep learning during ‘face to face’ time, in a physical space, can be capitalised upon later, remotely. It is here that ‘blended’ design brings in a whole new wide spectrum of pedagogical possibilies and opportunities. 

Photo and illustration follows (Nov 2022). Session for 15-20 university teachers, using a ‘blended’ design that optimises live time. Onboarding with an audio podcast episode (10 min.), and hands-on designing and exchanging, hard core listening and dialoguing, on-site. Find the blended learning wave here too. Training by Tikvah Breimer.

All of this means, that you must (re-)design your ‘face to face’ teaching/training completely to make optimal use of the exclusive time you are given ‘face to face’. For instance, it would seem, that a day filled with PowerPoint presentations (by experts or peers), is at least a bit disappointing and more likely frustrating for participants who flew all the way in to the training.

‘Face to face’ has new meaning, new value, in the post-lockdown world. And as technology advances, the question about what is irreplaceable ‘face to face’ time, doesn’t have a static answer, and is instead dependent per unique setting. For instance, depending on the overall possibilities for reliable Internet connections and of devices.

Obviously, there is also a tipping point, in your golden triangle of quality, time and cost investment - where ‘face to face’ makes more sense, in certain settings, pragmatically, over and above investments in technology. It’s why at StudioBlended we like to approach design as pragmatic idealists.

How can you approach teaching and pedagogy in a new way, one that is both technically sound and has a fluent blended approach to it? How can you make the most of the on-site experience with preparation and aftercare in an online learning environment? How can you be, a pragmatic idealist?

Feel free to approach us with any questions you may have, so that we can see the challenges you face, and the opportunities and possibilities which exist, and what our studio can do for you.


We are here especially for you as unique educational professional, to come alongside you as you work on the curriculum design of your module, course, training or degree, so that you can offer good and resilient education in the long run.

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