Image: envisioning excercise in ‘live time optimisation’ during our resilience course. One of the participating teachers made this drawing for her course design, using a playful sketch of a blended learning wave. Tannya Pico, PhD candidate doing research into Nature Based Solutions (NBS) and transdisciplinarity, from Quito, Ecuador

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At StudioBlended we deeply believe in the new value and meaning of ‘face to face’ time in teaching.

In fact, in curriculum design with clients, we actually start with the ‘face to face’ experience, and advise how to design a learning journey from there.

Rather than a dichotomy – either face to face OR remote education, the two become intertwined in a meaningful way when we look at how tooptimize ‘face to face’ time with participants in your training/teaching.

We see:
1. structured face to face time
2. unstructured face to face time


This is let’s say the more classical understanding of delivering teaching/training. Yet: it is transformed through the understanding of face to face as absolute premium time, through the new meaning and value of face to face time, in the light of the presence of the online realm too. 

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StudioBlended takes a special interest in the pedagogical value of face to face time and unstructured time.

We see that to train adult learners, and professionals, unstructured time is especially meaningful. 

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We are here especially for you as unique professional, to come alongside you and partner with you, as you work on a (climate / urban) curriculum, so that you can offer good and resilient education in all simplicity.

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