“I never even knew that I needed teacher training. And now that I have had it with StudioBlended, I cannot believe just how much it changed my life - the technique, the pedagogy, the human resilience.” Patricia Samora, full professor architecture and urbanism, PUC Campinas, Sao Paulo, Brazil

“I always thought teaching was so strict, but you made me realise that you can actually enjoy teaching so much - and it even makes more sense, people learn more and learn better. I feel so grateful.

You (Tikvah) are an amazing professional, and this is an awesome product”.
Tannya Pico, PhD candidate from Quito, Ecuador, Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies, Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Parcel arriving, ready to be opened. Photo: Breimer 2022

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Thank you for your interest in StudioBlended and teacher trainings for your university teachers. This page if for you, if you are an employer or team leader. It is also for you, if you must first pass a proposal for advice or training by a teamleader or employer.

‘Schools began with a man under a tree
Who didn’t know he was a teacher
Discussing his realization
With a few,
Who did not know they were students.’ Louis Kahn in Breimer et al. 2021.

Surely, we have evolved a lot from there at university - both in technique, pedagogy and technology. And yet, at StudioBlended we have a deep insider understanding of the appeal of this sense of this freedom and simplicity of teaching.

We also realise that for a legitimate uptake of our teacher training, we must respect and honor the freedom of lecturers, professors at university, and their pedagogical freedom.

Allow us to surprise you with our modular StudiOpedia.

At StudioBlended we love to have our feet on the ground, and look for the controversy, the cutting edge. Equally, we look for what truly makes sense, such as our brain-based angle (ie evidence-based from neuroscience) to teaching effectively.

Whatever your ideological background, or educational take, or experience with blended curricula, we believe our teacher trainings are a wonderful journey for your university teachers.

A key strength of StudioBlended is that we can come alongside, right where you and your team are, and work incrementally from there. We can begin where you are, and go with you to a new track, without needing a very large program which requires a long procurement process or large investment of educational technical staff at each faculty for several years. We offer a quality personalized product.

What is more, we only work directly in the technical field of your lecturers. In that way, taking a teacher qualification feels less like a side-step, and is, from the start, applicable to your lecturer’s actual teaching practice. The learning is also more effective in this way, as our teacher trainer speaks right to the imagination of your lecturers by using illustrations from their field, such as architecture, or climate, and a pedagogy that speaks right into their technical field. Teachers gain deeper understanding than they would have in generic teacher training, and through that, are equipped not only to apply, but even to start improvising in their own context. Such ability to improvise, makes a teacher much more resilient and is a birthplace of innovation.

We love to stay light and independent between people in the client organisation, as opposed to becoming all immersed, since this greatly enhances the quality of the independent consultancy we can give. 

Our training and advice services intend to be complementary to any existing teacher training that may already be present at your university. We suggest it forms a baseline, which can then be followed up by your university teachers individually at your own campus’ educational centre.

As such, Breimer’s approach to curriculum design stands out, for being grounded in a pragmatic idealist and ‘fit for purpose’ approach. The open building framework developed by Breimer, is able to give your lecturers the overall framework that will be solid ground for decades to come - even if StudioBlended moves out, or conditions change.

Our teacher trainings offer you maximum flexibility, and the ability to make your own design to meet your own needs.

Curious about this? Feel free to have an open dialogue with our StudioBlended lead, independent senior advisor and teacher trainer, Tikvah Breimer (MSc MEd MSc). To tell us about your team, express what you need, and envision options. Tikvah Breimer, will suggest which of our varieties for the resilience course or StudiOpedia are most fit for your purpose.


We are here especially for you as unique educational professional, to come alongside you as you work on the curriculum design of your module, course, training or degree, so that you can offer good and resilient education in the long run.

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