‘Studying modern languages was where my love of words and language really began. Helping others find the best way to express their ideas is a privilege and a great use for my background and experience.’

Jane Longley, English editor, translator, educator, consultant online instruction formulation.

Photo: Jane’s training in Oxford.
Are you a university teacher and developing your online or blended courses?

Or perhaps you are in the middle of writing up your own PhD?

Maybe you are writing an academic article with technical content?

Do you have a looming deadline to meet and would love someone to come alongside to help you with organizing the tasks in good time?

Do you lack the time you want to excel at everything – content, length and language?

Are you worried about whether your English is good enough and looking for a solution to make sure it is clear and easy to understand?

Are you Worrying about your grammar and needing a solid base?

Do you need to develop material for online learning, and need someone to take time and frustration out of your hands and make instructions crystal clear for the students?

At StudioBlended we have an educated, experienced, professional native speaker available, to help you with:

1.    Editing, making sure the English is correct

2.    Clarity of the language

3.    Reducing, cutting down words to meet the limits

4.    Getting things done in a consistent way, meeting deadlines, making a plan together

5.    For online learning environments: clear instructions for the students (see also our Learning Management System (LMS) page)

Our English editor is a gentle expert, who comes alongside you in a personal way, with questions and suggestions which ensure your message can be fully understood. She is also swift, and precise. You will feel so much more confidence in your teaching or writing once she has edited it.

You might even improve your own English along the way too!

Feel free to contact her directly: jane@studioblended.com

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