New curated group of participants - European summer 2021:
senior urban planners from Latin America (Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador) and Europe.

First upcoming course: European autumn/winter 2021.

Testimonials StudioBlended has received on the resilience course/journey:

“This StudioBlended course challenged me bring a long-term perspective into my teaching practice, and to design in a durable and future proof manner. Tikvah’s 's adaptable teaching style enabled me to follow my own personal learning objectives as a starting teacher in blended learning and course design.”

Gerinke Fountain / The Netherlands

“Tikvah's Studio Blended course came at exactly the right moment for me. As an independent senior media adviser, I was looking for a way to share my expertise on the topic of inclusive journalism. I needed a framework and guidance and that's exactly what I got in this course. Besides that, Tikvah works in an intuitive, creative manner, which suits me a lot. Before the course, I would wrinkle my brain over the content and now I've learned how to trust on my own expertise and focus mainly on the (playful) ways to get others excited about my topic. It got me out of my mind into my sketchbook and I've learned to think much better about the receiving audience of my course.”

Sanne Breimer
Journalist & Press critic
The Netherlands / Bali

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Photo: Ni.acki/Nicholas Préaud

The future is blended, and blended is not just a concept, or hype. Blended really is a whole new approach to learning and teaching that is here to stay. We must all go over the entire design of existing courses, and new ones, and see them with new eyes.
Whether you are a starting lecturer or trainer, or a seasoned one.

And while you are thinking, another question to ask is:

Did you realize that you can design for resilience?

Both for the resilience of your blended course, ensuring your content can last for a decade.

And for your personal resilience as a teacher, ensuring you can enjoy your day and preserve your health.

Are you about to deliver courses, which now, all of a sudden, must be offered in a blended way? Were you engaged in emergency education and still recovering - and looking for a more sustainable way? Do you want to ensure you don’t invest time and costs in exactly the wrong things - only to regret later? You do not know where to start, may not have time to research the extensive material out there, but long for a coherent framework and methodology? One that makes sense along the axis of your time and cost investment?

Did you never actually take a teacher’s degree, and are you in need of more technique, essentials, rhythm and calm? Or: do you have a degree, but it didn’t include blended?

Our teacher trainer (Tikvah Breimer) recently authored a paper together with Nigel Browne and Bart Slob (2021), about envisioning blended higher education in post lockdown Europe, looking at needs, experience and risks from a pedagogical lens. Find it here.

At StudioBlended we developed a unique course – just this one, that grounds that paper, and takes our ideas into actual course design with participants. Through this course, the need to go blended, becomes an opportunity to make design resilient.

The course is built up by a methodology uniquely developed by our teacher trainer Tikvah Breimer (MSc MEd MSc) over the past decade, ‘form aids function’. This methodology is rooted in solid principles for teaching, and centers on the technical side of design, by using an especially crafted selection of coherent formats and ‘lenses’. Each of these offers an angle to design, and gradually, an actual course design or teacher’s package is created that you can hold in your own hands at the end of your journey with us.

Photo: Birkhauser 2008. Edition Detail. Components and Systems. 

How can you design content that is resilient for up to a decade?

A resilient course - one that can last up to a decade - must have an open-building framework. The frame takes the longest to design, pilot, consolidate, but if you do it well, you have many years to enjoy it.

The open-building framework reflects both your pedagogical approach and your level of expertise in your field (the simpler you are able to make it, the more expertise you typically have)

Once you have that framework, you can insert learning modules, and easily replace, update, tailor them to each delivery, whilst an open-building framework stays intact.

This sustainable analogy greatly helps you build with online platforms, software, media and technology. You will even know which ordinary solutions are simply the best, because you will be very clear on the functionality that you need, whilst the overall framework does not come from technology – but from your pedagogically sound design.

It is an essential visual analogy that also calms your approach to (ever complex) communication between technologies and people.

Why did we call our one single design course, a ‘resilience course’ also from a human perspective?

Many university lecturers, are actually researchers – and teaching is a side-obligation. Often times, they never actually had any teacher training, which means they are simply trying to deliver education but lack the technical skills that would make life easier on them.

Senior experts sometimes wish to go into teaching, but do not have the training yet to know how to approach their expertise from the angle of learning. Typically, they spend too much hours on developing and delivering a course.

Over the past decade we have seen, personally experienced and watched other lecturers and trainers and the way the health of our bodies, our mental balance and even our personal lives, are affected by the work we do. This is surely not sustainable either in terms of the suffering caused or the retention of good teachers.

And so, whilst you are there especially for your students/professionals – we are there especially for you, throughout the resilience course journey, to equip you to design with your own resilience as a teacher in mind.

Our teacher trainer deeply understands the profession and the unique challenges it has, and is in a good position to come alongside you, whilst you are on the job or planning for it, and see where you can gain resilience. Beginning at your drawing table, we come alongside designing more structurally sound foundations for teaching and for you to enjoy your very own days, your time, and your life. Our idea is that you can enjoy this beautiful profession of being a teacher well beyond your retirement even, as long as you design for resilience.

Participants’ background:

University lecturers from across the globe, with or without a teachers’ qualification or teaching experience. Senior experts/consultants who long to embark on or already engage in training and capacity development for professionals.

Here is an example of the resilience course schedule:

Price: 3500,- euro, incl. certificate 

Photo: Ricardo Bo Fill 2019. Visions of architecture. Sketch of Barcelona Airport, Terminal I.

Why choose this resilience course?

Allow us to create some calm, with a condensed and coherent framework and methodology we have crafted over the past decade, and develop your capacity to prepare for teaching with a blended approach. Our teacher trainer, Tikvah Breimer, developed a tested methodology, ‘form aids function’ which consists of an intelligent variety of perspectives and approaches to look at your design, and gradually craft it to its essence.

The unique quality of the StudioBlended resilience course is that it looks at the new meaning and value of ‘live time’ (in person, in a physical space) in the post lockdown world.

From there we develop your capacity to think about how you can design a course or a teaching package using all the possibilities of synchronous and asynchronous delivery in self-paced learning online. The course is also very much suitable if you only teach remotely but does include interaction with you as a teacher/lecturer.

The point of the course is not to write a lot. It is to interact, understand, imagine, try new formats and lenses, gain new understanding through the formats offered, receive lots of guidance, and shape and craft that one output, your design. Very much like in an atelier – but now remotely.

We focus on design, the drawing table, because this relates to a huge part of your resilience and that of the course. Whilst we cannot train you in actual teaching, since we are able to observe you on the job, this resilience course comes close to equipping you for actual teaching as well.

The resilience course is also unique because it is a journey, one that you undertake together with other teachers in this season.

Participant groups are formed per season (max. 4) and are highly curated, so that your peers will be meaningful to you. For instance, they may all be senior urban planners.

What is also unique about the resilience course is that it is highly tailored and personalized to you, and the teacher trainer follows your pace. The teacher trainer is there especially for you, and can be reached every morning during weekdays, or in the afternoon by appointment. That way, you are able to combine the course with work and family obligations, and windows of opportunity to create time dedicated to the course output.

We run on average, one course per season (spring / summer/ autumn / winter).

We often personally invite lecturers to join, as we curate a group that makes sense. The course is offered remotely.

There is so much more to say about this resilience course, which is better done in a phone call. Feel free to contact our teacher trainer, Tikvah Breimer, and schedule a call to see if the resilience course is for you, to join a group.

StudioBlended 2021