“I would have never expected that a 30 min. flipchart session could be so helpful in clarifying the core aspects of a blended model for multidisciplinary integration in higher education! The UCCRN_edu [Erasmus +] project will benefit a lot from such valuable advice.”

Dr. Mattia Leone, architect and associate professor, Department of Architecture (DiARC) University of Naples Federico II, Italy. Also co-director of the Urban Climate Change Research Network - European Hub (UCCRN) and Coordinator of the Erasmus+ UCCRN-EDU project.

“... and it works because, instead of another "method", what Tikvah delivers is individually tailored consultancy. She first listens, then she suggests new paths and possibilities for implementing our work differently, without losing what each individual cares about most.”

prof. dr. Patricia Samora
Senior lecturer and researcher
Pontificia Universidade Catholica de Campinas
Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism
Greater Sao Paulo Metropolitan Area

Photo: Naples, by Breimer 2012.

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As the world opens up, university teaching finds itself in a transition. What will the outcomes be? What is optimal learning and teaching going to look like? How could you be smarter, and go about your output design in a modular way so that you better capitalise on your quality, time and cost investment over time?

Outputs you are working on may include:
- Degrees (Bachelor, Master)
- Courses
- Toolkits
- Workshops, ateliers
- Mass Open Online Courses (MOOC) or other ways to leave a sustainable platform behind - have a read at our bichronous take
- E-learning
- Training of Trainers (ToT)
- …

We can collaborate with you not only in the design phase, but can also come alongside in realising and implementing these outputs, as well as evaluating them, as part of a bespoke consultancy assignment.

Allow us to come alongside you, and bring a coherent, holistic angle to your curriculum design. It provides quality and innovation to your curriculum, as well as being grounded in common sense such as a balanced take on educational trends.

We are especially strong in piloting, incremental and modular approaches and in interdisciplinary (and transdisciplinary) curriculum design. See also our manifesto and our own current experimentations and innovation around modular and learning ecology at StudiOpedia.

Why ‘advisory that comes alongside’?
At StudioBlended we consciously speak not of ‘advice’ but of coming alongside you with advisory when it comes to consultancy assignments for academia. We consider you the technical expert, who may also already have many ideas on the pedagogy for your field. We want to meet you there, and see how we can bring an angle of resilience and common sense to all your curricula, by design.

Our independent senior advisor, Tikvah Breimer (MSc MEd MSc) offers you state of the art advisory, from the angle of technical and human resilience intersecting with the golden triangle of quality, time and cost investment over a longer time period (up to a decade).

What can you expect?
Every setting and course, degree, is unique, and so are you.

Therefore rather than giving you advice, on what you should do, our independent senior advisor aims to ask you good questions that bring you further, to think with you, from within your technical field. As stated in our manifesto, StudioBlended works directly in your technical field, as a university teacher/coordinator. In other words: we do not give generic educational advice.

For instance, Tikvah Breimer works a lot with urban experts, and understands its field of expertise inside out; she is always updating herself to be well versed with the pedagogy that uniquely enhances teaching urbanism - from planning to architecture.

Our senior advisor, Tikvah Breimer is experienced in working with highly skilled academic professionals.  

Tikvah Breimer can be your solid and independent sparring partner, who will help you gain clarity in your thinking. As an alongside advisor, she can be in step with you, whilst you are designing, developing and delivering.

Tikvah Breimer will always aim for simplicity, the most essential points what will have already a deep impact.

Capacity development
We not only give advice, we also strengthen your capacity, right where you are (“on the job”) - whilst you are working on design, development, implementation/delivery and evaluation.

Equally, whenever desirable, we can couple alongside advisory with professionalisation opportunities for your teaching staff, in the form of a teacher training component. 

After all, a skilled teacher is the basis of every good academic performance by your students. And equally the basis of enjoyment of the profession.

In-person and remote
Whenever possible, for more comprehensive assignments, our senior advisor prefers to come to meet you in person. She is well-equipped to ‘parachute’ into your education, observe in a participatory way, and then give you suggestions for a way forward in person. Meeting in person, and in the same space and time greatly enhances the quality of the advisory, through deep observations, and deep dialogues.

If meeting in person is possible, we seek to maximise the ‘face to face’ time, and prepare remotely, and also follow through remotely with our clients, capitalising optimally on the investment of travelling.

It is equally possible to work fully remotely with you in advisory.

How does our independent advisor ensure state of the art advisory?
Some of our involvements include not only our own client work, but also active participation in the dialogues at European level between educational experts in academia and other practitioners, who together give meaning and help shape the transition of higher education to a blended future.

The involvement is for instance through DigiTeLPro (Professional Development for Digital Teaching and Learning), an EU funded program led by EADTU, Europe's leading institutional association for online, open and distance higher education (based in the Netherlands). Our interactions are mainly centered on the Universitat Oberta of Catalunya (UOC) in Barcelona, Spain, and  the Technical University Delft (TU/D), The Netherlands.

We are here especially for you as unique educational professional, to come alongside you as you work on the curriculum design of your module, course, training or degree, so that you can offer good and resilient education in the long run.

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