Discover our StudiOpedia  - 25 modules that together form our finite methodology for curriculum design. Start of the audio podcast pilot project with the new academic year 2022-2023 (Sept).

Listen to our opening tune, Regeneracao,
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Audio Podcasts

“The right questions for the right time, and relevant people around the table to answer the questions” Veronica Olivotto, Italy, PhD candidate The New School, New York.

“Brilliant initiative!“ Geoffrey Payne, International Advisor at World Bank, Architect, Senior Visiting Lecturer

Photograph by Vincent Catala of the stunning "Casa de Vidro", located in São Paulo, for OpenHouse Magazine.

Home of Brazilian architect Lina Bo Bardi from 1950 until her death in 1992, the "Casa de Vidro" is one of the most iconic glass houses of modern architecture.

For this house, Lina Bo Bardi considered the landscape and the house as interconnected. But she designed the landscape in a radically different way. She “threw seeds to the wind” around the house looking for a rather organic result, a natural integration of the environment with her architecture.

Likewise, in our resilience movement, our audio Podcasts fit fluidly between your working life, and the home, just like being a teacher is so intertwined with who you are, and your way of life.

Are you wondering what’s next in terms of teaching, now that the world is opening up again? Do you suffer in terms of resilience, and are stretched in your ability to improvise?

Are you having a hard time, to reach the 10.000 hours that you need to master this beautiful profession of being a teacher, and feel crippled with a lack of technique and pedagogy? You want to get training, but have no clue where to find the focus, the attention, the time or where to start?

Creating and experimenting bring life to your course and allow you to connect the subject to contemporary research, projects, and stakeholders. But is it actually effective learning? Would you love to gain technique and pedagogy to improve your experimentations?

Join our montlhy audio realm of teacher training, or tune in to our audio podcasts whenever it is convenient for you.

Tikvah Breimer (MSc MEd MSc), teacher trainer of the resilience course, over the course of more than a decade, developed a unique, finite ‘form aids function’ methodology for curriculum design. This allows you to work with unique formats and lenses, and experience for yourself how their functionality works for you. It is a finite methodology exactly so that you can start to feel that it is possible to reach mastery level in teaching.

We take a more human, more technical, artistic and contemporary angle than teacher training at a traditional institute, and focus purely on design, since we believe from there development and delivery too are transformed.

This is your chance to receive teacher training, in an organic way:

StudioBlended starts a 2.5 year pilot with audio broadcasting/podcast, contextualising teacher training for the South of Europe. Content is modular, and centered around the finite methodology of the StudiOpedia modules. Our Audio Podcasts are a journey of discovery, into technical and human resilience, a new ground we explore for the South of Europe, through hardcore listening and dialogues. Read the flyer about the pilot, and including the StudiOpedia overview of 25 modules.

Expect something like a monthly radio broadcast, with a prompt through a 10-15 minutes training, followed by an audio realm of listening and dialogues, including peer to peer exchange. If you wish to participate, feel free to contact the teacher trainer directly:

Our focus is on how you, as a university lecturer, can become more resilient, by becoming more skilled in improvising. That is a great compliment! We do not mean it in a derogatory way, in the sense of “just doing something” or “just saying something to solve a situation”, but in the sense of being fully equipped to respond to unknown realities unfolding before your eyes, through a solid arsenal of technique and pedagogy. One that comes naturally to you, a unique teacher.

We bring back simplicity, the delight and brilliance of the essence of teaching, of knowing, that you are enough because you meet the essentials in your teaching. Freeing time up for you, to be fully present in teaching (and also to attend to research and projects/activism).

After the real-time broadcasting, the audio podcast trainings will each be offered freely on all relevant platforms, such as Apple and Google Podcast streaming, Spotify, Deezer.
Teacher training by Tikvah Breimer (Msc MEd MSc), lead and senior consultant at StudioBlended

Advisory by Veronica Olivotto, PhD Candidate Public and Urban Policy, New School, NYC.

Module instructions exclusively edited by Jane Longley.

Graphic design and art by Lucas Rampazzo.

Audio and podcast production by Paolo Destilo, Europematters.

Base in the South of the South of Europe, Department of Architecture DiARC UNINA Naples, Italy.

StudioBlended offers you the possibility to follow through after you have heard a teacher training audio podcast, with purchasing consultancy/teacher training package and card so that our teacher trainer can develop your capacity in how to apply this module to your curriculum design. You receive the actual module with instructions.

Why not ask your employer to support you? Read here why we believe that makes total sense.

Our podcasts, are part of the resilience movement that StudioBlended started.

At StudioBlended we understand technical and human resilience as two sides of the same coin. Technical resilience in your curriculum design, offers a systemic foundation for your human resilience to flourish and grow into an organic way of life and of teaching.

Listen to a keynote Tikvah Breimer, founder and lead StudioBlended, teacher trainer and senior consultant, gave in the Conference on the Future of Europe

This is the resilience movement, brought to you in a way that can fluidly be integrated in your daily life, but is away from the screen since you can simply put the sound on, and listen.

Join us, organically. Stay tuned with Tikvah Breimer and Veronica Olivoto, as our new podcasts appear on our LinkedIn page.

“The organic approach to training makes me reflect on my own thinking, my own process - and be able to immediately apply it to what I’m doing on a daily basis. It give me a solid basis, very foundational. And, it refreshes training I’ve had before-  reiterates it, reaffirms, fundamental things - such as constructive alignment - which perhaps otherwise would slip away in my memory.”
Ellen Geurts, Lecturer Building Economics, Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment, TU/Delft the Netherlands

“With such hard daily news [in our country], teachers are those who suffer more during the pandemic. I think every day about how lucky I am of participating in this experience with you! The trainings and conversations have been therapeutic and healing! It is bringing me back to the joy of teaching and I want you to know it!” Patricia Samora, Full Professor from Sao Paulo, Brazil

We are here especially for you. Keep asking: does it make sense? #StudioBlended Simplicity and Resilience up to a decade. This is your day, in your life - enjoy every moment.

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