Atelier in-country:
for university teachers

The atelier in-country is organised exclusively for clients. If you are an employer - such as a head of a faculty - and would be interested in the atelier on site, have a look at our brochure [forthcoming new academic year 2022] for the price options of the atelier. In principle we can organise an atelier once every season.

Image: quick sketch of the elements of the atelier in-country in the form of a ‘blended learning wave’. Click to expand. Model created by Breimer during the Erasmus+ programme DigtelPro, based on  TU Delft / WP Dijkstra.

For the overarching logic, see the course portal. Or get a quick impression with our 1 table overview showing you the differences between the variations.

Have a look at the original course, to contrast and compare.

What strikes most is that instead of participants flying in to Italy, our teacher trainer flies in to your country. We collaborate with you to organise the atelier on campus, or in an attractive location in your country.

We are here especially for you in technical / human resilience and simplicity by design. #StudioBlended Keep asking: does it make sense? This is your day, in your life - enjoy every moment.

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